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Skidmore College
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Scribner Seminar Program
Course Description

Coming of Age in London

Instructor(s): Thomas (Pat) Oles, Social Work

When does adolescence end and adulthood begin? Is there a distinct period of life called emerging adulthood? How is emerging adulthood expressed in family relationships, at work, school, and in peer relationships? Does emerging adulthood vary by race, gender, class and culture? How does emerging adulthood in England compare to coming of age in the United States?

Coming of age brings big changes in identity and relationships, new roles, and more responsibility. It involves families, peers, schools, and employers, as well as norms, laws, and policy. In this course, students examine the developmental experiences of emerging adults and relevant social institutions in the US and in the UK.  

This course is interdisciplinary, drawing most significantly on psychology, sociology, anthropology, and literature and asks you to do what Virginia Woolf did so well in her novel "A Room of One's Own": observe, critique, and reflect on emerging adulthood.

Course Offered