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Scribner Seminar Program
Course Description

More Money, More Problems? Monitoring the Fed after the Great Recession

Instructor(s): Ngina Chiteji, Economics

Who is Ben Bernanke, and why should you care?  This course will examine the role that the United States' central bank plays in the economy.  From an economic perspective, the Federal Reserve (the "Fed") is probably the most influential agency in government.  It enjoys a great deal of autonomy despite its strong influence on market activity.  In this course, students will learn about the legal foundations of the Fed, its core economic functions, and the many debates surrounding Fed policy.  A particular emphasis will be placed on the Fed's actions during the Great Recession and on the future of the Fed in a post-Tea Party euphoria environment. Because money and the banking system provide a backdrop for all discussions about the Fed's activities, students also will learn about the structure of the US banking system, and about what money is.  (It's probably not exactly what you think it is!) NOTE:  If you don't enjoy mathematics, this is probably not the course for you since it draws heavily on mathematical reasoning.

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