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Summer Pre-College

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Program Costs for 2016

$60 Application Fee (non-refundable)
$760 Tuition fee - per credit
$2,280 Tuition - three credit course
$3,040 Tuition - four credit course
$1,520 Non-credit Studio Art workshops
$2,330 Full room, meals, and activities
variable Lab/materials fees (see Studio Art course descriptions)

Total program cost is dependent on course enrollment. Please use the rates above to calculate the following formulas, as applicable:

If you are taking only regular courses:
# of total credits   x $760 tuition fee $2,330 room & board fee (for residential students) =  total program cost
Or if you are taking only workshops:
 # of workshops  $1,520 workshop fee  $2,330 room & board fee (for residential students)  =  total program cost

 *All residential students must enroll as full time students and take two courses (maximum of 8 credits). Commuters/day students may take one or two courses.

Financial Aid

Limited financial aid is available and is awarded merit and need based. In order to be considered for financial aid students must submit the Financial Aid Application and supporting materials by April 1.