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Dear future Skidmore student …

April 2, 2019
by Lexi Parker ’19

Dear future Skidmore student,

We know you are facing one of the most exciting (and biggest) decisions of your life. Choosing your home for the next four years is far from easy, not to mention the stress of deciding what to study, who you want to be and more.

But, you see, at some point in the last few years, some 2,500 other current students had to choose, too. So, we wanted to help relieve some stress, share our experience and, perhaps, convince you to choose us.

We may all come from different backgrounds, but we share a Skidmore connection. With that spirit in mind, we came together to tell you our “why we chose Skidmore” stories.

We hope you’ll be a part of our family soon. You’ve got this!


Lexi Parker '19 and a few of your future, fellow Skid Kids

Why we chose Skidmore


Olivia BrayOlivia Bray ’20  

Washington, D.C.

Dance and education
Challah for Hunger Club

“I didn’t find Skidmore until October of my senior year in high school. But the second I stepped foot on campus, it felt like home."

"If you’re still deciding, consider this: I feel like I can be myself here. I’ve made friendships I know will last a lifetime. I’ve met professors who work tirelessly to help me reach my potential. I’ve done things I never thought I was capable of, like choreographing a dance for a cast of five, hiking in the middle of winter or baking challah to raise money for food insecurity.” 


Monique DudarMonique Dudar ’20

Lebanon, Connecticut

Health and human physiological sciences
Science researcher

“I chose Skidmore because of the student-to-faculty ratio. I wanted to feel like an individual and not a number in a lecture hall. Today I feel beyond blessed. My professors are amazing mentors, even inviting me to participate in phenomenal opportunities like co-authoring two different research studies for scientific journals in my field.


Terence DurrantTerence Durrant II ’19

Windsor, Connecticut

Management and business and economics
Skidmore Bandersnatchers

“I chose Skidmore because I wanted to go to a school that had robust business and arts administration programs. But it wasn’t just academics. I’m here because I’m able to pursue my education while also feeding my other interests, such as singing in the chamber choir or acapella club.”


Rachel BorthwickRachel Borthwick ’21

Kingussie, United Kingdom

Religious studies
Sophomore class president

“As an international student, I wanted to explore different disciplines before choosing my major. But I needed some direction. I saw that Skidmore’s liberal arts curriculum would push me to try new things. Now, thanks to Skidmore, I’ve found my passion.”


Lexi ParkerLexi Parker ’19

Lake George, New York

Education studies
Men’s basketball team manager

“My mom, aunt and cousin all went to Skidmore, so coming here has been a dream of mine for as long as I can remember. But the small class sizes helped me decide. I wanted to go to a school where the teachers would know my name. Then, when I saw how great the Education Department and athletics were, I was sold.”


Connor LeafConnor Leaf ’21

Dix Hills, New York

Math and music
Skidmore Orchestra

“I chose Skidmore because the music program is amazing! I met some people in it before deciding and they were (are) fantastic!”


Emily OConnorEmily O’Connor ’19

DeWitt, New York

Peer health educator and biology researcher

“I chose Skidmore because I felt the people and academic community would both challenge and support me. Also, I’ve always wanted to major in science and Skidmore’s strong program seemed like the perfect place to do it.”


Hillary GoldsteinHillary Goldstein ’20

Colchester, Connecticut

Education studies
Hillel Club

“I loved the variety of cool classes Skidmore has, especially the Scribner Seminars in the First-Year Experience. I also loved Saratoga Springs and the idea of having the freedom to gallop (no pun intended) downtown with my friends to grab a hot chocolate in the winter or smoothie in the spring.”


Kayla MitchellKayla Mitchell ’19

Playa Vista, California

Health and human physiological sciences
Women’s basketball team

“I chose Skidmore because I could integrate all of my desired experiences here — playing basketball, studying abroad, having career opportunities and connections, a small community with personal relationships, a beautiful campus and a great dining hall.”  


Nick MeconiatesNick Meconiates ’22

Waltham, Massachusetts

Management and business
Men’s swimming and diving team

“Skidmore was a perfect balance of NCAA Division III athletics and engaging academics.”


Emma FineganEmma Finegan ’19

Norwalk, Connecticut

Health and human physiological sciences
Skidmore College Emergency Medical Services (SCEMS)

“After attending the Discovery Tour, I saw how welcoming and interesting the student body was and I knew Skidmore was for me.”


Haja IsatuHaja Isatu Bah ’21

Freetown, Sierra Leone

Environmental studies
African Heritage Awareness Club

“I chose Skidmore because of its environmental studies and sciences program and location in Saratoga Springs. The liberal arts curriculum also offered a lot of courses I was interested in in addition to my future career and graduate school aspirations.”


Jacksiel ColonJacksiel Colón ’21 

Holyoke, Massachusetts

Management and business and sociology
Intramural and club basketball

“I chose Skidmore because of its alumni network. There are great connections tied to the school.”


Tiffany KapelaTiffany Kapela-Barlow ’19

Middletown, New York

Thoroughbred ambassador and archaeology researcher

“I chose Skidmore because of how I felt during an Accepted Candidates Day. Everyone was welcoming and honest."

"For me, the selling point was that there were no individual schools or specific academic tracks that I couldn’t deviate from. Few 18-year-olds know exactly what they want to do for the rest of their lives and I knew that Skidmore was a place where I could explore all of my interests.”


Sofia CarlssonSofia Carlsson ’22

Alingsås, Sweden

Management and business and Spanish
Women’s tennis team

“I saw that Skidmore had great academics, athletics and atmosphere to live in. Today, I feel it is truly an amazing school that’s fueled my creative thought and friendships.”


Olivia BersenOlivia Berson ’21

Cabin John, Maryland

Environmental studies
Sustainability Office representative

“I chose Skidmore because of how dedicated everyone is to making their passions and dreams a reality. The school is so focused on student-led programs and tending to every student’s goals and I wanted to be a part of that.”


David GyampoDavid Gyampo ’19

Accra, Ghana

International affairs
African Heritage Awareness Club

“I chose Skidmore because it gave me options. I didn’t have to pursue a singular track to my education.”


Hannah WeighartHannah Weighart ’19 

Brookline, Massachusetts

Health and human physiological sciences and dance
Dance and science researcher

“I chose Skidmore because I could study both dance and science without prioritizing one over the other. I liked that I could double major in two radically different areas of study. Skidmore even surprised me with the opportunity to conduct original research on dance science.”


Sophia PaulinoSophia Paulino ’22

New York City

Undecided major
First-year class president

“I visited Skidmore twice before officially committing. Each time, I was valued and treated with kindness. Skidmore students have so much tolerance, passion and will to learn. I could see myself as a member of the Skidmore community through those values. It has been the best decision of my life.”

About the Author

Lexi Parker

Lexi Parker, from Lake George, New York, is an education and American studies major. You can find her on the sidelines managing the men’s basketball team, creating lesson plans in the Education Department, or eating mac and cheese in downtown Saratoga Springs.

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