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Skidmore College
Skidmore's Career Development Center

Preparing you for anything, so you can pursue your own thing.

Skidmore's Career Development Center is committed to supporting all students and alumni through the creative process of integrating their liberal arts education and experiences into a satisfying career. We help students and alumni develop self-knowledge, cultivate partnerships on and off-campus, prepare for experiential opportunities, and manage their careers proactively.

Skidmore College students gather at Falstaff's to discuss careers


Find Yourself

Whether you're a first-year or a senior, we're here to help you at the first step. Let us help you define your vision and access all that the Skidmore community has to offer and help you succeed in what speaks to you.



Find Your Way

Ready to take action? Pursue shadowing, interships or jobs - or find a mentor in your field. No matter the goal, your career development center has industry-specific programming and resources designed to connect you with opportunities.


Our Experts Can Help!

One of the most important resources that the career development center has to offer is our alumni network. No matter what your age or needs, our experts can help!

Networking Opportunities

Creative Thought Matters
It means something a little different to everyone. See what alumni are saying about our way of thinking.
  • Arwa Damon '99
  • Jonathan Brestoff-Parker '08
  • Zazie Beetz '13
"Never take no for an answer. Doors will close in your face, but look for the unconventional route. Don't be afraid to make mistakes; learn from them and move on."
Arwa Damon '99
Senior International Correspondent, CNN
  • Arwa Damon '99
  • Jonathan Brestoff-Parker '08
  • Zazie Beetz '13
"The only things that I can guarantee about your time at Skidmore are that you will achieve success in areas that you have not yet anticipated and that you will face adversity when you least expect it.”
Jonathan Brestoff-Parker '08
Clinical Pathology Resident, Washington University School of Medicine
Zazie Beetz '13
  • Arwa Damon '99
  • Jonathan Brestoff-Parker '08
  • Zazie Beetz '13
"I still use my ‘ha ha’ breaths—anyone who has taken Kate Kelly Bouchard’s (acting) class will know what I mean! With Skidmore’s education I was able to humor another huge part of myself…I suppose that’s the beauty of a liberal arts school."
Zazie Beetz '13
Actress, Atlanta and Deadpool