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Diversity in the News

  • NK+Mabaso
    NK Mabaso, a senior from South Africa, offers advice for future international students and laughs at a few experiences in the United States that caught her by surprise.
    Jan 28 2019
  • Mike+Park+%2719
    Mike Park ‘19 dreamt of playing professional soccer but was less sure about a college major. Read about his unexpected transformation into “a walking amalgamation of athleticism and the arts.”
    Jan 10 2019
  • A+newly+named+Skidmore+alumna+wasn%E2%80%99t+going+to+let+grey+skies+and+umbrellas+dim+her+moment+to+shine.+
    All year, across campus and around the world, Skidmore students, faculty and staff are supporting Creative Thought Matters in compelling and colorful ways. To get a taste of what this looks and feels like, we’ve curated our top 10 photos of the year.
    Dec 19 2018

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