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Skidmore College
Office of the Registrar


The Office of the Registrar provides valuable services and information to the Skidmore community: student registration; class scheduling and room assignments; maintenance of student academic records; processing of data for new students, returning students and alumni; and the administration of unofficial and official transcript services.


Fall 2021 Registration

Review the email sent from our office and go to the Registration Information for current students page.

Spring 2021 Grading Policies and Deadlines

Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory (S/U) grade option:

  • Similar to the spring/fall 2020 semesters, the S/U grading scale will include a “CR”(credit) grade.  Therefore, students will receive the grade of “CR” (credit) if they have selected the S/U grade mode for a course and receive a C-, D+, or D for their coursework.  Note: Prior to the pandemic, these grades would have resulted in a grade of “U” and earn no credit.
  • The rest of the S/U policy will return back to what it was prior to the pandemic, specifically:
    • A student may take no more than one course in a semester for an S/U grade, excluding courses that are offered S/U only.
    • A student may take a maximum of 16 semester hours for an S/U grade, excluding internships.  Note: Fall 2020/Spring 2021 courses will count toward this limit.  Spring 2020 will not be counted.
    • The S/U option is offered at the discretion of the department or the instructor of the course.  Note: Students can no longer choose the S/CR/U option if the course is not offered that way, as they were allowed to during the spring 2020 term.
    • The deadline to change a grade option (letter, S/CR/U) will be March 18.  Requests for changes after this date will not be permitted.  Note: This is an extended deadline, normally it is the same day as the drop deadline.
    • You can view the rest of the add/drop deadlines here

Withdrawal without grade penalty (W):

  • A withdrawal without grade penalty policy, as posted in the college catalog, is in effect for spring 2021, specifically:
    • A student is limited to a maximum of two withdrawals (W) while completing the baccalaureate degree.  Note: Fall 2020/Spring 2021 W’s will count toward this limit.  Spring 2020 will not be counted.
    • Students must submit the withdrawal without penalty application by the deadline published on the academic calendar (April 15).  

Drop/Add Deadlines:

  • The last day to add a class without instructor approval will be Feb 9 and the last day to drop a class will be Feb 16.  These dates and more details can be found on the spring add/drop calendar.

Course Information

Instructional Methods are as follows and will be a searchable item on the Master Schedule, viewable in the class details of each course. Online courses will also have a classroom building code of “ONLINE”:

  1. In-person
  2. Online
  3. Hybrid: Mix of In-person/Online (the course will be taught using a blend of in-person instruction and online learning activities; students who can only attend remotely should NOT register for this course)
  4. Hyflex: In-person or Online (the course will accommodate students attending in person and students participating remotely)

For instructions on how to find the instructional method for courses on your schedule Click Here.

Please note: Students who plan to be remote learners (not on campus or within driving distance) should only register for courses with an instructional method of “Online” or “Hyflex: In-person or Online”. 

The Registrar’s Office, Office of Academic Advising, Faculty Advisors, and Department Chairs and Program Directors are available to help students navigate these changes.

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