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For Dining Services, nutritional thought matters! In order to ensure the well-being of Skidmore students, we are in the beginning phases of making the nutrition information of our Dining Hall entrées available for student access. Click on the link "Nutrition Database" to see the nutrition information for some of your favorite dining hall dishes as a part of our pilot nutrition database program. 

We also believe that all students should look at more than just the numbers- take a minute to read through our guide to college nutrition for information on how to interpret our nutrition facts and incorporate healthy habits into your daily life at Skidmore!*

 *Dining Services wants you to keep in mind that these facts are presented solely as an educational reference for getting a general sense of how foods available in Murray-Aikins Dining Hall can benefit your body given your personal nutritional needs.  Don't get lost in the details- good nutrition goes beyond counting calories and grams of fat. This database is intended as a resource to help you fuel your body and help you feel your best! Eat to be well- bon appétit!