Dining Services

Sustainable Dining

Dining Services in partnership with local producers

Partnering with local producers allows Dining Services to be a part of the locally sustainable economic structure, with an emphasis on locally sourced food items.

Below is a list of Skidmore's current local partnerships. The farms and small businesses have been split into two categories based on where you can find their products at Skidmore.




Retail Stores on Campus (Atrium, Burgess Cafe, the SPA)

Company Items Location Label
Adventures in Food Specialty Items Albany, NY NY Produced 
Battenkill Farms Local Milk Salem, NY NY Produced
Lakeside Cider & Donuts Ballston Lake, NY NY Produced
Saratoga Peanut Butter Peanut Butter Saratoga Springs, NY NY Produced
Tillamook Jerky Retail Gansevoort, NY NY Produced
Saratoga Sweets Sweets Halfmoon, NY NY Produced
Unfi (Driven by Nature) Yogurt, Fruit Leathers  Keene, NH NY Produced
Green Mountain Coffee Coffee Waterbury, VT VT Produced

In the Dining Hall

Company Name Items Location Label
Antonuccis Produce Gloversville, NY NY Distributed
BJ's Farm Local Produce Greenwich, NY NY Grown
Brickman Produce Local Produce Albany, NY NY Distributed
Cariotos Local Produce Green Island, NY NY Distributed
John Boys Mt View Farm Organic Chicken Cambridge, NY NY Produced
North Country Flour Flour Waterville, NY NY Produced
Knights Apple Orchard Apples Burnt Hills, NY NY Grown
Mastroiani Bros. Bakery Deli Bread Schenectady, NY NY Produced
Parillos Sausage Co. Local Sausage Saratoga Springs, NY NY Produced
Saratoga Apple Local Apples Schuylerville, NY NY Grown
Sheldon Farms Local Potatoes Salem, NY NY Grown
Thomas Poultry Local Eggs Schuylerville, NY NY Produced
Argyle Cheese Cheese Argyle, NY NY Produced
Padgett Brothers Natural Beef Saratoga Springs, NY NY Produced
Dension Farms Local Produce Schaghticoke, NY NY Grown
Saratoga Gluten Free Gluten free goods Saratoga Springs, NY NY Produced
Freihofer's Local Bread Glens Falls, NY NY Produced
Bryne Diary Ice Cream, Yogurt Syracuse, NY NY Produced
Stewart's Milk Saratoga Springs, NY NY Produced
Hill and Marks Sustainable papergoods Amsterdam, NY NY Sourced