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A Survey that Resonated

November 8, 2012

A Survey that Resonated

November 8, 2012

In summer 2012, Skidmore surveyed alumni to learn about their current relationship with the College and, more importantly, how we could make that relationship more closely resemble the ideal they describe wanting to have. Resonance Insights conducted the large telephone survey and reported significant results.

Specializing in getting at the emotions that underlie aspirations and desires, Resonance is known for its somewhat unorthodox though rigorous and effective approach. And as we anticipated, you greeted the survey format itself with quite a range of reactions—from "Whatever market research course you took that indicated this survey would be a good idea was wrong" to "Reaching out to alumni like this indicates a commitment to do things differently to improve alumni relations."

Fortunately, the survey also gave us valuable insights into your desires as alums. One very strong finding: almost all of our alums, whether highly involved or not much involved in Skidmore activities and programs, are yearning for a close relationship with the College that gives them a sense of belonging, validation, and connection to the wider alumni and campus community. The results also suggested a number of ways that we might help deepen your alumni connections, ranging from offering more venues and events that foster interaction among alumni to providing additional support in career development.

As a result of your feedback, Skidmore is developing a series of initiatives to help you feel more involved with the College and other alumni. A vital first step was asking for your feedback, which you willingly gave. To all who participated in this important survey, we express our sincere appreciation. Thank you!

Mike Sposili, Director of Alumni Affairs and College Events 

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