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Skidmore College

Peas and cues

August 10, 2017
Laura Fralich '11 tshirt

When environmental studies major Laura Fralich ’11 co-authored a senior capstone thesis titled “Food Matters: An Analysis of Programs in Saratoga County Addressing Access to Local Food and Low Income Communities,” she was already exchanging vegetable puns with her fellow food and farm students.

After Skidmore, she became a farm educator for AmeriCorps and Cultivating Community and began selling veggie T-shirts—“Kale not jail,” “If you don’t carrot won’t happen”—at farmers’ markets. Now a teacher of landscaping and gardening at a tech school in Portland, Maine, she’s growing her T-shirt business on Etsy. [read more]

Laura Fralich '11 tshirt detail



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