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Revolutionary-era medical practices to be talk topic

November 5, 2013

Revolutionary-era medical practices to be talk topic

Nov. 4, 2013

National Park Ranger Joe Craig
National Park Ranger Joe Craig

Medicine in the 18th century is often regarded with contempt, ridicule, or horror-struck fascination by modern observers. Yet, for the people of the era, it was their only option when ill or injured. Healers – men and women – academically or apprentice trained, struggled against terrifying diseases and traumatic injuries without modern medical equipment or scientific understanding. 

National Park Ranger Joe Craig will examine the challenges that healers faced, as well as their methods, failures, and triumphs, in a talk at 7 pm Tuesday, Nov. 5, in Davis Auditorium, Palamountain Hall. Craig is a veteran National Park Service interpretive ranger whose experiences at several Revolutionary War parks sparked his interest in the healing arts of the 18th Century.

Tillman Nechtman, who chairs the Department of History, said the lecture illustrates a growing collaboration between the College and the Friends of the Battlefield. He said, “The Friends of the Battlefield consists of volunteers who support the historical activities of the national park in our area. Since the group tries to couple lectures to their advisory meetings, it made great sense to try to bring the lectures to campus from time to time, particularly given how frequently I use the battlefield in my courses.”

Nechtman uses the battlefield as a resource for HI 110: The British Empire, and GH: 322 The History and Political thought of the American Revolution, which he team-teaches with Natalie Taylor. In addition, there are increasing numbers of students who do internship work at the battlefield.

The Nov. 5 event is co-sponsored by the Saratoga National Historical Park, the Friends of the Saratoga Battlefield, and Skidmore’s Department of History. Admission is free and open to the public.





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