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Alumni return for capable, creative and collaborative recruits

September 27, 2019
by Julia Marco

Creative leaders know that creative thinkers are at the center of success, no matter how it’s defined. Skidmore alumni know they can always tap a not-so-secret source of capable, creative and collaborative recruits — their alma mater.

This semester, dozens of alumni working for some of the biggest names in their respective industries are returning to campus to recruit students and share their career stories.

The activities kicked off in September with two popular events — Consulting 101 and Wall Street 101. Created and organized by the Career Development Center (CDC) and co-hosted by the Management and Business Department and the Office of Advancement, respectively, they feature panels of alumni eager to network, answer questions and share advice.

This year, between the two events, more than 20 alumni panelists shared personal stories about how they got started at companies like KPMG, Deloitte Consulting, Accenture, Goldman Sachs and J.P. Morgan Chase.

Skidmore alumni network with current students
Amy Munichiello ’94, who works as America’s talent development consulting director at EY, spoke about why she participates in these events. “Skidmore students bring something really special to the table,” she said. “They have an ability to think strategically and touch on so many different dimensions of a liberal arts education, which enables them to solve complex problems. Those skills really lend themselves to robust careers.”

Amelia Steeger ’18 said her strong liberal arts background was “one of the things that makes (her) stand out the most at work.” Steeger is a business advisory consultant at EY thanks to a connection made last year through the CDC and Munichiello.

Steeger’s connection with Munichiello is only one example. Nearly all of the young alumni panelists got where they are today because of CDC connections to elder alumni.

Skidmore alumni network with current students

“By far, our greatest resource is our alumni. They step up at every opportunity to mentor our students and are dedicated to opening doors and building Skidmore pipelines to their competitive organizations.”
Kim Crabbe
associate dean of student affairs in the Career Development Center

Those doors continue to open for current and future students.

After the 101 sessions and networking events, several sophomores, juniors and seniors were selected for interviews with alumni from EY, Natixis, JP Morgan Chase, UBS, Credit Suisse and Breckinridge Capital Advisors. On the table? Internships, entry-level positions and a Skidmore power boost to their professional networks.

Skidmore alumni network with current students
While finance and consulting were the start, they’re certainly not all the CDC has lined up for students this year.

More creative connections are sure to be made at upcoming networking events and on-campus recruiting days, which feature alumni in science, health, nonprofit and media industries, as well as those who went on to graduate and professional schools. Career Jam, the CDC’s largest on-campus networking event, is expected to attract more than 250 students and nearly 100 alumni, parents and employers this year.
Visit the Career Development Center for more information.

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