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Skidmore College

Meet the Skidmore College Class of 2023

May 17, 2023
by Peter MacDonald

Ever since they first arrived on campus in fall 2019, Skidmore’s Class of 2023 has demonstrated unwavering determination to pursue their passions, open-mindedness to discover new ones, and unflinching grit. 

Just halfway through their second semester at Skidmore, they came face to face with the once unimaginable: a global pandemic that brought the entire world to a standstill. Yet, members of the Class of 2023 did more than just get through it: They stood in solidarity with one another, showed genuine empathy to those near and far, rolled up their sleeves, and took action. 

And, despite it all, they’ve thrived: They have held strong and completed their degrees. They have celebrated big wins — internships, athletics, and exam results — and encountered moments of joy along the way. On campus and across the globe, they’ve made important discoveries about our world and about themselves.  

Even as they confronted enormous obstacles, they’ve challenged themselves to do more, speaking truth to power, and inspiring one another and us all. Together, they have also forged bonds that will last a lifetime. 

As Skidmore’s Class of 2023, the first graduating class of Skidmore College’s second century, prepares to process across the stage, we know this milestone is but the opening chapter in the history that the class is writing every day. We share with you a few footnotes about this remarkable class. 

634 Graduates

435 B.A. and 199 B.S. candidates


U.S. states and Puerto Rico represented


Countries represented


Dual citizens


First-generation college graduates


International students



In multidisciplinary fashion, the 634 graduates have collectively completed 746 majors and 346 minors. Their most popular majors were psychology, business, English, economics, and art. Their most popular minors were business, art, environmental sciences/studies, education studies, and Spanish. They have collected hundreds of awards and memberships in national honor societies,are the co-authors on published research, and have presented at numerous academic conferences. 

 Members of the Class of 2023 participated in nearly 50 faculty-student summer collaborative research projects. More than 100 students took advantage of the Summer Experience Fund to pursue internships designed to broaden their horizons and support their dreams. 

Nowhere did a mix of creativity and excellence manifest itself better than at the 24th Academic Festivalwhere students shared senior theses and research projects with the Skidmore community as the culmination of their collegiate academic careers. This year's festival featured more than 180 seniors from disciplines spanning the arts, sciences, social sciences, and humanities, as well as pre-professional majors.  

In another nod to the breadth and depth of Skidmore’s academic offerings, the Class’s four Periclean Scholar Award recipients — chosen for the notable level of excellence in their thesis work — represent religious studies, English, mathematics and statistics, American studies, and chemistry.

Memberships in national honor societies
President’s Award recipients
Periclean Honors Forum members
Phi Beta Kappa members
Departmental honors and award recipients
Fulbright scholars and semi-finalists
Porter-Wachenheim Scholars in science and mathematics
Skidmore scholars in science and mathematics
Filene Music Scholars
Schupf Scholars



Student-athletes, who missed out on games and even seasons at the height of the pandemic, made a roaring return.  

In the classroom, 53 senior student-athletes earned a grade point average of 3.67 or higher and 11 had perfect 4.0 GPAs, when they were inducted in the Thoroughbred Society this spring. On the field they contributed with their teams to some impressive accomplishments.  

Conference championships
National championship
Conference academic awards
All-conference awards


Campus Life

Beginning with their summer reading book — ”Factfulness: Ten Reasons We’re Wrong about the World—and Why Things are Better Than You Think” — and fueled by the idea that Creative Thought Matters, members of the Class of 2023 have made this campus their own. 

They have volunteered thousands of hours to local and national causes, addressing issues that are dear to them, including disabilities and autism, food insecurity and sustainability, public health policy, environmental justice, and climate action. They have launched mutual aid funds and found creative ways — from selling their own art and donating their time and skills — to support their peers in times of need. 

As a class and a community, they’ve rallied for justice. They’ve dug into issues of speech and expression on college campuses, educated one another about true allyship for the LGBTQ+ community, and pushed Skidmore toward becoming a single-use, plastic-free campus. 

They have built businesses and led and launched new clubs and programs designed specifically to hold space and give voice to the voiceless. They wrote plays, composed music, produced documentaries, and challenged our perceptions through sound and art. They have worked hard to protect and preserve the natural beauty of our campus and the fragile ecosystems we rely on.

Students participated in off-campus study
First-Year Experience in London participants
Points scored by Skidmore riders to win the 2023 Intercollegiate Horse Show Association National Championship
Student Leadership Awards
Paint brushes purchased from the Skidmore Shop since 2019
Senior studio art majors displayed their work as a capstone project

Senior Art Exhibition

Looking forward

Success in this moment, and for all those down the line, will mean something different to each member of the Class of 2023, as it has for decades of Skidmore College graduates. As we look forward to celebrating all our 2023 graduates in the coming months and years, quite a few already have some exciting news to share. From first jobs to graduate schools, some of the places they're headed to include: 


Boston Veterans Affairs  


Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center 

Brigham and Women's Hospital 

Estonian Broadcast Company 

American Express 

Beazley Insurance 

Tierney Agency 


Peace Corps 

Teach for America 

Mayoral Campaign Manager, Saratoga Springs 

Ernst & Young 

JP Morgan Chase 

Kantor Consulting 

CBS News 

Clark + Elbing LLP 

Mass General Hospital 


Boston Children's Hospital 

Budapest Bilingual Program Teacher 

Rational 360 




District Attorney Campaign Manager, Ulster County 

Hall Capital Partners 

Fulbright, teaching in Spain  

Bank of America 

Wells Fargo 


Creative directions

A fully funded Ph.D. program at the University of Michigan following a Fulbright year in Australia  

A National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship at the University of Wisconsin-Madison  

An acting apprenticeship at the Barn Theatre School in Michigan 

An internship with Bright Sighted Podcasting 

Further education

Georgia Tech, Ph.D. in Material Science and Engineering 

Columbia University/NYU, Pre-Med Post-baccalaureate 

University of Pennsylvania, Ph.D. in Neuroscience 

North Carolina State University, M.A. in Economics 

Georgetown University, M.A. in Applied Economics 

Northeastern University, M.B.A. in Operations and Supply Chain Management 

University of California at Berkeley, Ph.D. in Environmental Science, Policy, and Management  

Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, M.P.H.  

Brown University, M.S. in Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship 

Johns Hopkins University, Whiting School for Engineering, M.S.E in Applied Math and Statistics 

Johns Hopkins University, Ph.D. in Biochemistry, Cellular, and Molecular Biology  

Northeastern University, Ph.D. in Chemistry  

New York University Rory Meyers College of Nursing, B.S.N.  

New York University, M.A. in Developmental Clinical/Counseling Psychology 

New York University, M.S. in Communicative Sciences and Disorders 

St John's University School of Law, J.D.  

University of Pennsylvania, M.S.Ed. in Higher Education 

Penn Nursing Program, M.S. in Nursing 

University of Iowa, M.S. in Bioethics and Humanities 

Georgetown University, M.A. in Applied Economics 

SUNY Downstate College of Nursing, M.S. in Nursing 

UMass Law School, J.D. 

UMass Medical School, Worcester, Ph.D. Program 

University of Bern, M.A.S. in Dance Science 

Columbia University, M.F.A. in Creative Writing 

Columbia University, M.A. in Intellectual Disability/Autism  

Columbia University, M.S. in Applied Analytics 

Columbia University, M.S. in Nursing 

Columbia University Teacher’s College, Intellectual Disability and Autism M.A. Program 

Colby-Sawyer College, M.S. in Nursing 

University of Michigan, M.S. in Information 

University of Utah, Ph.D. in Neuroscience  

City University of New York, Feirstein Graduate School of Cinema, M.F.A. in Directing 

University of Arizona, College of Nursing, M.S. in Nursing 

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