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Skidmore College
Foundation and Corporate Relations

The Office of Foundation and Corporate Relations works in partnership with Skidmore College's faculty, administration, alumni and friends to secure external funding from national, regional and local foundations and corporations for campus priorities and programs. The work that we do helps the college to offer new and innovative programs, support faculty-driven initiatives, expand the curriculum, enhance the physical plant and improve the quality of life for our community.

Recent News

Mellon Grants fund scholarships and academic programsHenry David Thoreau Foundation
The Henry David Thoreau Foundation has awarded Skidmore College a grant of almost $40,000 in support of the Food Systems Initiative (FSI), an interdisciplinary, community-based research and teaching program. The FSI will provide Skidmore students with direct experience in addressing local environmental issues through collaborative teamwork, storytelling skills, and leadership development, and it will strengthen the justice focus of students’ capstone projects. The Initiative particularly emphasizes diversity and equity, in light of the fact that minority communities are often at greatest risk of food insecurity. The Initiative will prioritize international and/or underrepresented students for work-study, summer-collaborative, and internship opportunities, particularly students at early stages of their academic training. The FSI will thus support the training of a diverse group of Environmental Studies and Sciences (ESS) majors to create a positive impact in their academic training and career paths. 

SEE-Beyond awards fund internships and academic experiencesSEE-Beyond
SEE-Beyond Awards invite students to explore new techniques, technologies, or modes of inquiry or expression; to apply their academic-year learning to real-world challenges; and to clarify the interrelationship between their educational and post-baccalaureate goals. Awards may be used to support field or laboratory research, internships, artistic residencies, workshops, apprenticeships, or productions. Projects are supported in part by the fundraising efforts of Foundation and Corporate Relations.