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Put creative thought to work.
Put creative thought to work.
No matter what you’re meant to be, do or inspire, you’ll find a path from Skidmore to a place where your passions and pursuits can come to life. Creativity will look great on every resume, no matter the industry. But it’s not only about getting a job. For our students and alumni, finding their way to successful careers goes hand-in-hand with living lives of purpose.
Internships. Transformative experiences.
Transformative experiences.
Eighty-six percent of Skidmore students have completed at least one internship or professional experience by the time they graduate. These opportunities not only help you realize your passions and potential but also have the added benefit of building a professional network for your future. Learn more the collaborative research, internships and experiential learning opportunities that help ensure meaningful careers.

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You're in good company
Alumni Network
You’re in good company.
Step off the stage at graduation and step into a network of more than 38,000 Skidmore College alumni around the world. With that many creative minds at work, there’s sure to be a few that share your interests or have some advice to give. Search our collection of alumni profiles to see how they’re applying creative thought to their everyday lives.

Alumni at work

Discover your life’s work.

Ninety-five percent of Skidmore students are employed or pursuing further education within a year of graduation. From the moment you step on campus, the Career Development Center can help you define your vision, build a network and go beyond the classroom to find the internships and opportunities that will jump-start your life’s work. From matching your major to your career interests, to negotiating a salary offer, it’s your one-stop shop for professional resources.

Skidmore Facts
Students complete at least one internship
Alumni whose jobs relate to their studies or career goals
Proud Skidmore alumni around the world
Graduates who gain satisfaction from their occupation
Creative Thought Works
See how Skidmore alumni are putting creative thought to work in their fields, their passions and the world in which we live.
Arwa Damon '99
  • Arwa Damon '99
  • Jonathan Brestoff-Parker '08
  • Zazie Beetz '13
"Never take no for an answer. Doors will close in your face, but look for the unconventional route. Don't be afraid to make mistakes; learn from them and move on."
Arwa Damon '99
Senior International Correspondent, CNN
Jonathan Brestoff-Parker '08
  • Arwa Damon '99
  • Jonathan Brestoff-Parker '08
  • Zazie Beetz '13
"The only things that I can guarantee about your time at Skidmore are that you will achieve success in areas that you have not yet anticipated and that you will face adversity when you least expect it."
Jonathan Brestoff-Parker '08
Clinical Pathology Resident, Washington University School of Medicine
Zazie Beetz '13
  • Arwa Damon '99
  • Jonathan Brestoff-Parker '08
  • Zazie Beetz '13
"I still use my ‘ha ha’ breaths—anyone who has taken Kate Kelly Bouchard’s (acting) class will know what I mean! With Skidmore’s education I was able to humor another huge part of myself…I suppose that’s the beauty of a liberal arts school."
Zazie Beetz '13
Actress, Atlanta and Deadpool


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