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Still deciding what you want to study? Or maybe you know exactly what you’ll be, and how you’ll make your mark on the world. No matter what discipline you pursue, at Skidmore you'll look at it from every angle, connecting different modes of thinking and unrelated ideas.
Your major decision
A lot happens between day one and graduation day. And every experience–in and out of the classroom–can open you up to new interests and possibilities. Choose a major, change a major, or piece together a major and path that matters to you. Whatever you choose, we’ll be there to make sure it’s authentic to you and practical for the professional world.


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A different kind of collaboration
Experiential Learning
Four in five Skidmore students delve into some kind of internship, research, or experiential educational practice before they graduate. As a result, students become independent, creative problem-solvers who aren’t restricted to looking at things in traditional ways.

Service Learning

Student-Faculty Research

Change your view of the world
Sometimes, the only way to broaden your perspective is to step outside your comfort zone–or your time zone. With 120 approved study abroad programs in 45 countries around the world, as well as several domestic off-campus opportunities, there’s only one question: “Where will you go?”.

Off-Campus Programs

Hands-on, from day one

In Skidmore's popular introductory-level business course, MB 107 "Business and Organization Management," upper-level student coaches mentor student teams as they develop strategic plans for actual companies and present them to real-life executives.

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Creative Thought Works
See how Skidmore alumni are putting creative thought to work in their fields, their passions and the world in which we live.
Eliza Bur '17
  • Eliza Bur '17
  • Nana Nyantakyi '19
  • Logan Giberson '20
"There is a common theme in academia that the humanities and sciences must be held separately. By studying both neuroscience and English, I’ve come to understand that science is full of art, just as art is inherently scientific. Now able to connect my areas of study, better understand by interests, and experience my world more colorfully."
Eliza Burr '17
English and Neuroscience
Nana Nyantakyi '19
  • Eliza Bur '17
  • Nana Nyantakyi '19
  • Logan Giberson '20
"Knowing that I was actually going to do the first-year London program—that it was real—was the greatest feeling. I had never been on a plane or to a different country. Arriving in London was surreal. If you can go to London your first semester of college, you can go anywhere!"
Nana Nyantakyi '19
Logan Giberson '20
  • Eliza Bur '17
  • Nana Nyantakyi '19
  • Logan Giberson '20
"Skidmore has always been super supportive of things I’ve decided to do—I took a gap year in Austin, Texas, and worked at a nonprofit producing an album of kids’ songs with at-risk youth. Once at Skidmore, I found business and music professors willing to sponsor me as a self-determined music marketing and finance major."
Logan Giberson '20
Music Marketing and Finance


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