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Skidmore College
FQ 12

Attendees of Fq12

The biannual Fq conference series returned to the United States in 2015, for the first time since 1993.


Previous Meetings

Fq11 2013 Magdeburg, Germany
Fq10 2011 Ghent, Belgium
Fq9 2009 Dublin, Ireland
Fq8 2007 Melbourne, Australia
Fq7 2003 Toulouse, France
Fq6 2001 Oaxaca, Mexico
Fq5 1999 Augsburg, Germany
Fq4 1997 Waterloo, Canada
Fq3 1995 Glasgow, Scotland
Fq2 1993 Las Vegas, USA
Fq1 1991 Las Vegas, USA