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Skidmore College
Governance at Skidmore College

Committee on Academic Freedom and Rights (CAFR)

Function: To serve as guardian of the academic freedom and rights of all members of the academic community; to receive inquiries and complaints concerning academic freedom and rights and to consider formal charges of violations of academic freedom and rights from any faculty member, student, administrator, trustee or from the ATC or PC; to advise and make appropriate recommendations to the President. The Operating Procedures of the CAFR are available from any member of the Committee. The CAFR meets annually, and whenever necessary in the pursuit of its functions, with the appropriate committee of the Board of Trustees.  Revisions to Part One of the Faculty Handbook Articles I - XI, XIV-XVI, and XVIII are reviewed by the CAFR for its recommendations prior to a faculty vote.

Membership: Four members of the Faculty, none of whom is on the ATC or PC, the Tenure Review Board, the CAS, or the FAB, at least two of whom are untenured at the time of their election and two tenured, each to serve a three-year term and each from a different department; and no more than six students, selected by SGA.

A member who has served a full three-year term is eligible for re-election after being out of office for two years; members who complete an unexpired term or serve an interim term in place of a regularly elected member on leave are immediately eligible for re-election provided their service did not exceed one calendar year.

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Annual Reports

Operating Code