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Skidmore College
Governance at Skidmore College

Master of Arts in Liberal Studies Committee (MALS) 

Function: To participate in all aspects of the Master of Arts in Liberal Studies (MALS) Program by determining academic policies and procedures, admitting and dismissing students, approving core seminars, approving degree plans and final project proposals, making recommendations for degrees, and recommending faculty selection; to advise on all matters of administrative policy and to assist in the further direction of the program.

Membership: Four faculty members, each representing one of the four Divisions of Disciplines, elected to serve three-year terms; and one library faculty member, appointed in consultation with the Director of the MALS Program and the College Librarian to serve a three-year term; the Dean of Special Programs, the Dean of the Faculty or his/her designee, and the Director and Academic Advisor of the MALS Program.  

For the list of current membership, click here.

Annual Reports

Operating Code