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Skidmore College
Green and Yellow Pages

Bradford Goven ('90)
100 Wagon Wheel Drive
Ridgefield, CT 06887
Phone: 888-882-0613

Business Category:
Administrative Assistant, Financial Planning, Insurance, Marketing, Research

Business Description:
SalesSupport360 Lead Generation / Revenue Generation Services: Increase the Quality and Quantity of your Referrals! Proactively mine your LinkedIn site and other social networking media (think: ?your connections? connections!?)?we do all of the painstaking work to get your network to introduce you to their network; for some of our clients it?s literally tens of thousands of possible targets). Drill down on alumni networking?most alma maters have very valuable online directories. We reach out to your entire Alumni database and re-connect you to all former classmates as well as any other classes you are interested in connecting with. d. Amplify your marketing your lead generation efforts to professionals (bankers, doctors, lawyers, dentists, etc.) via our personalization and ?warm-up? campaigns. e. ?Main Street Marketing? Amplify any foothold you many have at the community level with entrepreneurs and local businesses via Chamber of Commerce and Association 360 Reports. f. And any number of other special projects that you need done. You simply upload your request to our website and our team begins immediately on your demographic research request. We deliver all requests for 360 Prospecting Reports as well as special research requests within 72 hours.

Other Affiliation to Skidmore: Alumna/us

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