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Listen up: "This is Skidmore"

April 3, 2017

It’s difficult to pinpoint the exact moment they became popular, but series such as This American Life, Serial, and Radiolab have elevated the popularity and creativity of podcasts. They’re now such a known medium for great storytelling, it’s no wonder Skidmore College created its own.


Listen to the hosts of “This is Skidmore” wrap up the first season of the podcast.


Skidmore College podcast logo
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“This is Skidmore” invites guests from around campus and the community to share their stories—everything from why they choose to study or work at Skidmore to what makes the College unique to interesting and timely research and academic work. Geared particularly toward prospective students and their families, each season features 13 episodes (plus a special edition for the 15th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks), ranging from 13 to 48 minutes long and conducted as informal interviews hosted by staff of the Communications and Marketing Office. Skidmore alumnus Ian Bakerman ’15 composed the podcast’s theme song, and student Renato Dornelas ’18 mixed the audio.

In January 2017, “This is Skidmore” won the Higher Education Marketing Report’s gold award for streaming content. At the close of season two, the podcast had 4,000 listens and several hundred subscribers. Season three will begin in September 2017. “This is Skidmore” is available for download in iTunes.

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