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Skidmore College

Thankful thinking

November 21, 2017

Polling just a tiny fraction of the Skidmore community reveals a wide range of reasons to be thankful this year:

Erica Meno '18
Erica Meno '18 

As a varsity tennis player, I am thankful for how I recovered from hip surgery. It did not come without frustrations, but family, friends, teammates and coaches kept me motivated when I doubted my ability to fully come back. Sitting on the bench, I had to learn to put on a happy face even though I wanted to be competing on the court; however, by focusing on being the best teammate I could be, I was given a new role as almost a “third coach.” This helped me form even greater bonds with my teammates. I am also very thankful that I could play again this fall. When I got my first win postsurgery, it was such a surreal moment for me, I dropped my racquet and began crying happy tears. —Erica Meno ’18

Prof. Susannah Mintz and Jack
Jack and Prof. Susannah Mintz

It’s been nearly a year since my intrepid terrier Jack went on a four-day walkabout in the cold and snow. I’m still so grateful for the friends, colleagues, strangers and their dogs­­ who braved the elements to look for him, for the daily messages of concern and support and for the people who came to a screeching halt on State Route 9, ran into the snow in street shoes and caught up to the little wanderer in his argyle sweater. Most of all, I’m thankful every day for Jack—the very best of companions, a 10-pound embodiment of happiness and love. —Susannah Mintz, English professor

Jen Natyzak and Levi Rogers
Natyzak and Rogers

We are thankful for the volunteers and farms that contribute to the Community Garden’s Harvest Dinner. The annual fall celebration relies entirely on the generosity of our community, and year after year students, staff, faculty and farmers donate their time, locally grown food and expertise to make it happen. We are fortunate and deeply grateful to be a part of such a wonderful community. —Levi Rogers and Jen Natyzak, sustainability coordinators

Prof. Roy Rotheim
Prof. Roy Rotheim

I am grateful for the campus community’s overwhelming support (including from the Celebration Weekend 5k runners and walkers) to fund complete Thanksgiving dinner baskets for the low-income population of Saratoga County—the Economic Opportunity Council estimates there will be more than 700 dinner-basket recipients this year. I cannot say enough about the profound presence that Skidmore College has had in supporting the Saratoga community over the years. At the same time I am deeply saddened that this program has needed to continue to exist. Roy Rotheim, economics professor

Li Sun
Li Sun

A supportive and caring group of amazing educators and co-workers makes Skidmore feel like home to me. I am also thankful for the students who put their faith in my teaching, and who reward my efforts with their excellent skills, rich ideas, and confident academic growth.  They continually inspire and challenge me with their research, which makes my job feel less like work and more like an opportunity to focus on what I’m passionate about. —Li Sun, microscopy coordinator

Zachary Altman '19
Zachary Altman '19 

I am ecstatic that I transferred to Skidmore! I was attracted by the sense of camaraderie and community, and the extracurricular activities rather than a fraternity-centered social life. As soon as I got to campus, my advisor in political science, Professor Feryaz Ocakli, sent me an email asking that we introduce ourselves in person. From that moment on, I felt like a member of the Skidmore community. My favorite thing about Skidmore?  The student body and the professors! —Zachary Altman ’19 


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