New Musical Express

March 1968

March 2 No. 1103  
Smith, Alan What His Panto-Mates Say about Engel [Engelbert, Arthur Askey, Jimmy Logan, and Tricia Money] 3
Altham, Keith Donovan Wanted a Coffee so He went to Greece for It 4
Logan, Nick Carl Wayne-A Jekyll and Hyde Character [Continues Spotlight on the Move [Carl Wayne] 5
Johnson, Derek Top Singles Reviewed [Little Richard, Gladys Knight and the Pips, Edwin Starr, Rupert’s People, Mindbenders, Vince Hill, and Others] 6, 10
N/a Charts NME Top 30, #1: Cinderella Rockefella-Esther and Abi Ofarim
Britain’s Top 15 LPs, #1:Supremes Greatest Hits- Supremes
5 Years Ago, #1: Please, Please Me- The Beatles 10 Years Ago, #1: Magic Moments- Perry Como
N/a [Tours, Releases, Films, Etc.- Cliff Richard, Bee Gees, Donovan, The Scaffold, Dave Clark Five, Beach Boys, and Others] 8, 9
Evans, Allen LP’s Reviewed [Sonny and Cher, Francis Edward, The Peddlers, Vince Hill, and Others] 10
Moses, Ann
Harris, June
America Calling [Tremeloes, Bill Graham, Beach Boys, Hollies, The Temptations, and Others] 11
N/a From You to US [Edited by Tom Bromley] 12
Smith, Neil Love Affair Feel Jilted [Love Affair] 12
N/a Solomon Kings Life Lines [Solomon King] 13
Altham, Keith Nasty or Nice? Troggs Choose [Troggs, Reg Presley] 13
Smith, Alan Otis New Hit His Greatest Tribute [Otis Redding] 14
Smith, Alan US Number 1 Breaks Here [Paul Mauriat] 14
Alley Cat Tailpieces [Monkees, Hollies, Sandie Shaw, Connie Francis, Nat "King" Cole, and Others] 16
Johnson, Derek Derek Johnson Replies to Blackburn Attack [Tony Blackburn] 16
  Josh Elman — April 2002  
March 9 No. 1104  
Logan, Nick Traffic Wants to Push Albums Now 2
NA Stones Are on the Rampage Once More 3
Johnson, Derek Serious Side of the Scaffold 4
n.a. Gimmick Spoils Symbols Latest 4
n.a. Jimmy Woos Housewives 4
n.a. Fantastic Pop Line-up for Your Springs Tele-viewing 6
n.a. NME Up a Penny from Last Week 6
n.a. Dave Dee, Herman, Symbols Radio-Tony Blackburn Rests 6
n.a. RCA Plans C&W Boost 6
n.a. Seasons Delay, but Beach Boys, Conley and Association Trip Definite 6-7
n.a. Troggs Want to Go to Vietnam 6-7
n.a. Don Partridge May Film Life Story 7
n.a. Amen Package Shock, ‘Part-Scottish’ Single 7
n.a. Beatles Next Movie Planned for June-Ringo Kong? 7
Townshend, Pete Backing Britain! And Backing America! 8
Gray, Andy Four Tops, Vikki, Nancy Great- But No Dusty At Gala 8
Green, Richard ‘Quinn’ Hit Stopped Us Splitting 9
Moses, Ann NME Spends Two Days on Monkee Film Set 9
Altham, Keith ‘Rosie’- No 3 in The Chart- Produced for Only £ 8 10
Bromley, Tony From You to Us 10
Alley Cat Tailpieces 12
Logan, Nick Move Debut LP Best of Its Kind 12
  Cory Grasso—8 April 2002  
March 16 No. 1105  
Nick Logan Traffic Want to Push Albums Now 2
Keith Altham Stones Are on the Rampage Once More 3
NA Gimmick Spoils Symbols Latest 4
NA Serious Side of the Scaffold 4
NA Top Hits
1) "Cinderella Rockefella," Esther and Abi Ofarim
2) "Legend of Xanadu," Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky
3) "Rosie," Don Partridge
4)" Delilah," Tom Jones
5) "Fire Brigade," Move
NA Fantastic Pop Line-Up Your Spring Tele-View 6
NA NME Up a Penny From Next Week 6
NA Tom Jones in Summer Series of TV Specs? 7
NA Beatles Next Movie Planned for June – Ringo Kong? 7
NA Don Partridge May Film Life Story 7
NA Backing Britain! And Backing Amen! 8
NA Who in Frisco 8
NA Four Tops, Vikki, Nancy Great – but no Dusty at Gala 8
Richard Green "Quinn" Hit Stopped Us Splitting 9
NA Davy and Lulu Together In L.A. 9
Keith Altham "Rosie" No 3 in the Chart – Produced for Only £8 10
Alley Cat Tailpieces 12
Nick Logan Movie Debut LP Best of its Kind 12
  Eric Berninghausen, February 2004  
23 March no. 1106
Smith, Alan RINGO talks about ‘Lady Madonna”… His Fears… Harold Wilson ... Crazy Beach Boy… ’Candy’… and His Kids 2
NME NME Top Ten (of 30)
1. Cinderella Rockafella: Esther and Abi Ofarim
2. Legend of Xanadu: Dave Dee, Dazy, Beaky, Mick and Tich
3. Delijah: Tom Jones
4. Rosie: Don Partridge
5. The Dock of the Bay: Otis Redding
6. Lady Madonna: The Beatles
7. Jennifer Juniper: Donovan
8. Fire Brigade: Move
9. She Wears My Ring: Soloman King
10.Green Tambourine: Lemon Pipers
Altham, Keith Beach Boys Bruce and Al meet Elvis[Johnson, Jardine] 4
Logan, Nick He’s putting back the rockin’ clock[Elvis] 5
Green, Richard Meet The Fifth Tremeloe-George 6
East, Paul Question-time with Manfred Mike Hugg 6
Green, Richard Spencer Shatters Image 6
Smith, Alan Beatles Haven’t Masterminded Us Say the Grapefruit 7
Johnson, Derek Monkees Rock- Walloping Hit 8
Johnson, Derek Bee Gees Make a Surprising Change 8
Johnson, Derek Hollies Keep Up Standard 8
Monro, Matt Cliff’s Eurovision song a definite hit! 8
n.a. London’s Albert Hall-May 19 and 20.  Exclusive NME Seat Reservation Offer Andy Williams Concert Tickets 10
n.a. Herd, Grapefruit, Burdon, Fudge, Walker discs; Nems Label Debut 10
n.a. Foundations New Single, LP Macaulay-MacLeod Team 10
n.a. And Barry Mason Gets Radio Series 10
n.a. John Fred Visit Is Now Definite 10
n.a. Seventeen U.K. Hits In U.S., Beatles Gold 10
n.a. Seekers back in Britain 10
n.a. Herman-Corner concert dates? 11
n.a. Tom Jones Summer Set- Anita, Val Seasons 11
n.a. Cliff Gospel Charity Shows 11
n.a. More Rock: Chuck Berry Dates, Ronettes, Coasters, Hawkins 11
n.a. Maharishi on Tour with Beach Boys 11
n.a. Russia Wants Spencer for Autumn Concerts 11
n.a. This Time, Pet Picks Tony Hatch Song 12
n.a. Love Affair Single, Big Ballroom Tour 12
n.a. Another Radio 1 bonanza 12
n.a. Bill Haley Dates Switched, Ray Charles’ Autumn Visit 12
n.a. Dolls-13 TV Shows 12
n.a. Wall-Shaking Rock from John Fred 13
n.a. Tony Blackburn’s Different Sound 13
n.a. Spencer’s Best for Ages 13
n.a. Faster Procol Love Melody 13
Evans, Alan LP’s 14
Logan, Nick Page: Fleetwood Mac are after commercial success, not pure blues! 14
n.a. Poll Concert Tickets- Hurry, Book Today! 14
n.a. Bottleneck 14
n.a. Who Pete Townsend Writes From Hollywood 15
n.a. Holly and Haley Rock Revivals 15
n.a. Life Lines of Traffic 15
Smith, Alan Ringo 15
Logan, Nick ’68 Cilla Raves over the 1930’s 15
n.a. Tailpieces 16
n.a. Kids’ Song Inspired Simon 16
Broomly, Tony From You to Us 16
John Hall — 30 Apr 2002  
30 March No. 1107
Altham, Keith Dave Dee Whips Up Fans 2
NME NME Top Ten (of 30)
Lady Madonna: The Beatles
Delijah: Tom Jones
Cinderella Rockafella: Esther and Abi Ofarim
The Dock OF the Bay: Otis Reading
Legend of Xanadu: Dave Dee, Beaky, Mick & Tich
What A Wonderful World: Louis Armstrong
Congratulations: Cliff Richard
Rosie: Don Partridge
Jennifer Juniper: Donovan
Me, The Peaceful Heart: Lulu
Smith, Alan Davy Grows Up; Peter Labourer?  Mickey the Nut!  Hermit Mike: That’s How Hollywood actress Susan Howard sees Monkees. 3
Smith, Alan Amen In Depth: first of a new series by Alan Smith 3
Stewart, Ed Top Ten 3
Green, Richard Davy’s Coming Home To Date Love of His Life: Lulu talks about her romance 4
n.a. Sparkling performance from new style Herd 5
n.a. Gene Aims Straight for Chart 5
n.a. Status Past Test 5
n.a. John Walker- so sensitive 5
n.a. Davy To Guest in Lulu’s TV Series 7
n.a. Novello ‘Oscar’ Winners Named 7
n.a. Beatles romp ahead in NME points race 7
n.a. Three Sinatras in BBC colour special 7
n.a. Now only 500 seats for NME’s Big Show 7
n.a. Move ‘Kefford Goes’ Rumour 7
n.a. Beatles Peace Fest, McCartney-Denial 7
n.a. Reparata, Delrons British visit 7
n.a. Movie Plans for Herd, Bennet, Fame, J., Elvis 8
n.a. Hump Better, But Single Delayed 8
n.a. Hollies Tour in May with Paul, Scaffold 8
Gray, Andy They really are the four TOPS! 9
Evans, Alan LP’s 9
n.a. Philly Soul Brothers       10
n.a. Three Newcomers Give New Labels Chart Debut 10
n.a. John Celebrates With Glass of Cold Coffee 10
Wells, Alan ‘Classroom’ sound from Reparta 10
Altham, Keith India Inspires Donovan To Compose 11
Harris, June Dylan to tour? 11
Harris, June Trouble From Eric 11
Harris, June Beach Boy Went Wild 11
Bromley, Tony From You to Us 11
Smith, Alan Esther & Abi- Not Always So Happy 12
Denning, Chris Life-Lines 12
n.a. Tail-Pieces 13
  John Hall — 30 Apr 2002  
  grtedit — 24 February, 2004