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Skidmore College
Student Academic Services

Individual Academic Support

Whenever you think you want some inspiration, some encouragement or a way to get yourself started on a project, come and see us. The nature of our one-on-one academic support sessions will vary, depending on what you need. Some of you will want to focus on developing time management strategies to meet your academic goals. Or you might be struggling with taking exams and need extra help synthesizing notes and readings, or with putting together strategies for taking multiple choice, short answer or essay exams. Or sometimes you will be faced with a writing assignment that seems difficult to explore, or you might be starting a research paper and require more information on formatting citations, or finding appropriate sources, or using the Scribner library databases. Some of you may require assistance with a particular course that seems tough to you, and in this case we can help you find methods and supplemental materials so that you can improve how you understand, discuss, and respond to the course work. Some of you may require specific ESL tutoring. Sometimes you will be referred to us by faculty or staff, and when that happens, we'll work together on a plan.

How to Schedule an Appointment

Contact Elizabeth Kopraski, Administrative Assistant, at x8150 or stop in the office to schedule an appointment.

How it Works

Students interested in improving their academic performance seek out support – even when they are not in trouble! 20% of the students we met with last semester had GPA's of 3.5-4.0…

About ½ of the students we see are first-year students, and they have responded positively to support….

Students who come early in the term and meet regularly with SAS tend to have more positive outcomes…student persistence in accessing support is critical…