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Skidmore College

Black Studies at Skidmore College


Students and staff enjoying auditorium lecture
Illuminating agency in historical and contemporary global Black experiences.
Black Studies students activate and advocate for the beauty and complexities of Black experiences. Through groundbreaking coursework and transformational experiences, you’ll learn to cultivate connections between people and stories, question systems of power and justice, and inspire and equip others to support Black lives in the 21st century.
Dunkerley Dialogue with Ebony G. Patterson and Winston Grady-Willis
Study Black experiences from every angle
As one of the top liberal arts schools in the country, we know a thing or two about the benefits of a well-rounded education. Black Studies is no exception.

Whether you choose to declare a minor or integrate our course offerings into your art, business, science, political or philosophical studies, there is no shortage of critically important topics to dig into. From race and class to gender and sexuality, our students are leading the important conversations that are changing our communities.

Where will Black Studies take you?

Group of students walking down pathMayors, musicians and mediators. Actors, activitists and authors. Public servants, defenders and speakers. Students who pursue Black Studies and its related topics are equipped to be multitalented professionals in a variety of evolving fields.

Consider Black Studies if you’re passionate about:

  • Human rights  
  • Education
  • Conflict resolution
  • Law or public policy
  • Nonprofits or advocacy work
  • Writing or journalism
  • Health care
  • Performing or visual arts

SankofaThe Sankofa story

"Sankofa" is a word in the Twi language of Ghana that translates to “Go back and get it.” It has been symbolized for centuries as a bird whose body faces forward while its head reaches back to grab a precious egg of wisdom. We are proud continue this tradition with our own rendition of the symbol and curriculum designed to look inward, outward, backward and forward.



An Ode to you, an apologyMinor

Black Studies minors must complete at least six designated courses for a minimum of 18 credits, including the foundation course, BST 101 – Introduction to Black Studies.

BST 101 – Introduction to Black Studies 
Available to all students. Required for a Black Studies minor.

An introduction to contemplating historic and contemporary Black experiences, including racism, socioeconomic class, gender, sexuality and skin color.


Students can select from a variety of evolving courses. Past examples include:

  • AH 207 African Art
  • AM 262 Civil Rights in Twentith-Century United States
  • AM 264 African-American Experience
  • AM 342 Black Feminist Thoughts
  • AN 227 Sub-Saharan African from a Cultural Perspective
  • ED 217 Multicultural Education
  • EN 237 Empire Strikes Back: Postcolonial Literature
  • GW 321 Gender, Race and Science
  • HI 225 Race and Ethnicity in American Thought
  • HI 228 Race, Class and Gender in Latin America
  • MU 345 Black Atlantic Music
  • PH 202 Philosophy of Race
  • PS 335 Psychology of Race
  • SO 204 Introduction to Race, Class and Gender
  • TH 338 Black Theatre

Visit us at Black Studies program, for more information and up-to-date course listings.