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Skidmore College
Dean of the Faculty/Vice President for Academic Affairs


May 17, 2006
Gannett Auditorium

I. Approval of Minutes - April 28, 2006

II. President’s Report – Philip A. Glotzbach

III. Vice President for Academic Affairs Report – Charles M. Joseph

I. Dean of the Faculty Report – Muriel Poston
II. Dean of Special Programs Report – Paula Newberg

IV. Old Business

I. FEC – Tim Burns

I. Motions (3) - Handbook Revisions

V. New Business

I. Conferral of Degrees

I. Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor Science Degrees – Ann Henderson
II. UWW – Una Bray
III. MALS – Phyllis Roth
IV. All-College and Departmental Honors – Grace Burton

II. FEC – Resolution – Tim Burns

VI. Reports

I. FEC – Committee of Committee’s Report – Tim Burns
II. First-Year Experience – Michael Arnush

VII. Other

VIII. Announcements

I. CEPP – New Guidelines for Faculty Proposals for Short-term Study Abroad
Courses - Ruth Andrea Levinson