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September 13, 2016

The sciences are an integral part of Skidmore’s interdisciplinary curriculum. From student-faculty collaborative research opportunities to solid graduate school preparation, including personalized pre-med advising, Skidmore’s science programs prepare graduates for a wide range of endeavors.

Creative Minute: Skidmore scientists at Mt. Sinai

That’s a big reason the number of students choosing to major in one of Skidmore’s 10 science programs has doubled in the last decade. Today one-third of all Skidmore students are science majors. The environmental studies and neuroscience programs together boast more than 100 majors, even though these programs are barely a decade old. Skidmore applicants to medical schools and other graduate health programs has tripled, and their acceptance rates remain far higher than the national average.

“Studying science at Skidmore excites me because I feel remarkably prepared to tackle graduate school and to contribute to the scientific community,” says Matt Lueckheide ‘17, a chemistry major and physics minor who serves as head science admissions ambassador.

Ben Glicksberg ‘10, a neuroscience doctoral candidate at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mt. Sinai, uses Skidmore’s interdisciplinary approach in his work with genetics and disease. “I can see myself hopefully bridging business and industry and science -- which I think is the route a lot of science has to take,” he says.  

Fueling even more synergies, both among the sciences and between the sciences and other fields, is one of Skidmore’s top priorities. Plans are under way to build a new Center for Integrated Sciences, an innovative facility with interdisciplinary labs and shared classrooms, as well as social spaces for exchanging ideas and sounding out theories with students and faculty from across campus and the community.


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