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Why Skidmore? Ask a geosciences and theater double major

October 3, 2019
by Eva Jones '21

Anthony Nikitopoulos is a double major in geosciences and theater. For many, the disciplines may seem disparate. But for Nikitopoulos, the connection was simple — he’s passionate about both.  

In looking for a college, though, he didn’t think it would be possible to manage life on the stage and in the lab. That is, until he found Skidmore.  


My name is Anthony Nikitopoulos and I’m a double major in geosciences and theater.  

When I was in high school, I studied science-type stuff, but I always had an inkling of liking performing arts stuff. So, I did all the plays and musicals, sang in my high school choir and everything like that. 

When I was looking into colleges, I thought that I would be doing something in the performing arts and something in the sciences.  
My favorite thing about Skidmore? I sum it up with this thing I call a “do both” mentality.  

I knew I wanted to do something in the performing arts and I knew I wanted to do something in the sciences. Here, not only am I allowed to do both, but I’m really encouraged to both, so it was like “why not!”  

For a while I was super scared of the prospect of saying I wanted to do acting as anything more than a hobby. But, now I’m not afraid to say that.  

I don’t necessarily see myself as doing one thing my whole life. Now, I could foresee some future where I can be an actor, but maybe be commissioned to do some GIS (geographic information system) stuff in my free time. 

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