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Skidmore College

Office of Admissions

Admission to Skidmore College is competitive and selective. Every year, we are fortunate to receive thousands of applications from a diverse range of students who demonstrate strong academic aptitude, intellectual curiosity, open-mindedness and an energetic commitment to learning.

As the Office of Admissions, it's our mission:
to seek the next generation of creative thinkers whose abilities, interests, character and background give them the greatest promise of profiting from and contributing to Skidmore. 

But above all, we're here to assist you as you choose Skidmore.

Share your story with us

Share your story with us

While not required, interviewing with a member of our Admissions team is encouraged as an opportunity for you to discuss your interests and ask questions about Skidmore and our application process. 

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Skidmore College Admissions Staff

Mary Lou Bates
Mary Lou Bates  
Vice President and Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid  
(518) 580-5588 
Cathy DeLorenzo
Cathy DeLorenzo  
Director of Admissions  
(518) 580-5587  
Matt Cohen
Matt Cohen  
Senior Associate Director  
(518) 580-5579  
Regions: Maine, Massachusetts (Berkshires), Michigan, New Hampshire, Nevada, New York (Rockland), Tennessee and Vermont 
Email Matt
Darren Drabek
Darren Drabek  
Associate Director and Coordinator of International Admissions  
(518) 580-8331 
Regions: Alaska, Hawaii, Missouri, Oregon, Washington, Canada, International 
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Sarah Ireland
Sarah Ireland  
Associate Director  
(518) 580-8332 
Regions: Delaware, Idaho, Indiana, Kansas, Maryland, Mississippi, Montana, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Virginia, Washington, D.C., and West Virginia 
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Dale Nemer
Dale Nemer  
Associate Director  
(518) 580-5685  
Regions: California, Massachusetts (Boston, Eastern, North & South Shores), North Carolina, Ohio and South Carolina
Email Dale
Lisa Rinaolo-Johnson '88
Lisa Rinaolo-Johnson '88 
Associate Director  
(518) 580-5575
Regions: Alabama, Massachusetts (Central), New Jersey (Southern, Monmouth, Somerset, Mercer), New York (Hudson Valley, Westchester, Western), Utah and Wyoming  
Email Lisa
Xavier McKinzie
Xavier McKinzie 
Associate Director and Coordinator of Diversity Initiatives  
(518) 580-8413 
Regions: Arkansas, Connecticut (Fairfield), Louisiana, Nebraska, New York (Bronx, Brooklyn, Central, Long Island, Queens), Oklahoma and Wisconsin
Email Xavier
Gabby Vuillaume '21
Gabby Vuillaume '21
Assistant Director
(518) 580-8334
Regions: Arizona, Massachusetts (Cape Cod), Minnesota, Nevada, New Jersey (Bergen County), New Mexico, New York (Capital District & North Country) and Rhode Island
Email Gabby
Cedric Williams
Cedric Williams  
Assistant Director 
(518) 580-5578  
Regions: Colorado, Connecticut (Northwest & Hartford), Georgia, Iowa, New Jersey (Central, Essex, Middlesex, Union), and New York (Staten Island) 
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Recruitment Communications 

Peter MacDonald
Peter MacDonald  
Admissions Marketing Manager  
(518) 580-5732 
Email Peter

Administrative Staff  

Leah Casey
Leah Casey  
Admissions Assistant  
(518) 580-5574  
Email Leah
Alisa DiBlasi
Alisa DiBlasi  
Admissions Receptionist  
(518) 580-8351  
Email Alisa
Eileen DiDonato
Eileen DiDonato  
Administrative Assistant to the Vice President Dean  
(518) 580-5588  
Email Eileen
Kyle Dzurica
Kyle Dzurica  
Assistant Information Management Coordinator  
(518) 580-5582  
Email Kyle
Eriko Fujita
Eriko Fujita  
Admissions Assistant  
(518) 580-8333 
Email Eriko
David Loatman
David Loatman 
Information Management Coordinator  
(518) 580-5581 
Email Dave
MaryLee Thornton
MaryLee Thornton 
Admissions Events Assistant  
(518) 580-5585 
Email MaryLee
Helen Woolley
Helen Woolley  
Administrative Assistant to the Director 
(518) 580-5576 
Email Helen