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Skidmore in France

Skidmore in France

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The Skidmore in France program is designed for students at all levels of French language skills (beginner to advanced) to study in Montpellier the university-friendly southern France city. Courses are taught in French or English. The program is available in the fall semester, spring semester, or for the full-year, and strives to integrate students as fully as possible into the academic, cultural, and social life of Montpellier. Upon acceptance, students will be assigned to one of three academic tracks based on their language level and academic interest at the University of Minnesota Learning Abroad’s center in Montpellier.

  • Study options available in all French language levels - beginning to advanced.
  • Classes taught in English and French.
  • Wide range of class subjects available in arts, business, humanities and social sciences.
  • Classes offered at the program center and partner institutions in Montpellier.
  • Internship opportunities for students with a higher level of French language.
  • Earn Skidmore credit. 
Academic Tracks

Students studying on the Skidmore in France program will enroll in at least 15 credits through the University of Minnesota Montpellier program center and at one of a partner institutions. Each student is required to take at least one French language course at the appropriate level. Students select from one of three tracks either Language and Culture (French taught courses,  Business (English taught courses) or Youth Development and Psychology (English taught classes).  For more details on course offerings, please read more about the Academics.

UMN Montpellier Center

The UMN Learning Abroad’s Montpellier Center offers students an individualized course curriculum taught in both English and French. Courses are offered at the program center and a variety of different partner institutions. Students can expect an academically strong and culturally rich program hosted by our partners at the center. In addition to the academic program, the staff, with the help of local student assistants, offer many different cultural activities and field trips.


Students can also select courses from the partner institutions in Montpellier. Skidmore partners with a number of academic institutions in Montpellier to offer a wider range of course options for students. Direct enroll courses are required for students on the program. 

Actual course offerings available outside the center will vary each semester depending on what is available through the local universities and students’ academic needs. The exact list of courses available at outside institutions will be provided during an academic advising appointment before you depart.


Internship experiences are also available to participants with a high-intermediate level (usually the equivalent of at least 4 semesters of French language, WLF-208 or above). In addition to the seminar, students spend between 8-10 hours per week at their internship site. A variety of different internships are available. To see a sample of past internships, click here.  


You will enroll in 15-18 credits in France. Coursework taken in France is recorded as Skidmore credit. Maturity-level credits taken in France may count toward Skidmore's maturity-level requirements with departmental approval. Please refer to the Course Equivalency Matrix for the Skidmore course equivalent. OCSE staff will work closely with you on your course registration and your course equivalents prior to departure.