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Skidmore College
Approved Programs in London


Beginning in fall 2022, OCSE will no longer administer a Skidmore in London program; instead, we will offer a full range of off-campus study options in London as approved programs through IFSA’s London Global Flagship program and other existing approved programs providers. (NOTE: This change does not affect the London FYE.) 

With the approved program options IFSA, Skidmore students will have the same academic opportunities in London available with Skidmore in London. In addition, students will have more on-site support and enhanced co-curricular and social programming opportunities in London. IFSA London also offers comprehensive pre-departure support, including visa assistance, and housing placements in London.

Students studying in London during spring 2022 will continue to participate on the Skidmore in London program, fully supported by OCSE and our partner universities in London. However, students planning for future study in London will apply for an approved program through IFSA. 

Students interested in studying in London can also consider one of the other approved program options in London:

To search for more off-campus study programs, please use OCSE’s Find a Program search feature. If you have any questions, please email OCSE or schedule an appointment with an OCSE advisor.

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