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Skidmore College
Skidmore in Paris

Orientation and Activities


The program begins during the pre-departure orientation held on the Skidmore College campus during the semester prior to studying abroad. Upon arrival in France, students will have an on-site orientation introducing students to staff, fellow classmates, and the city of Paris. Part of the orientation will include an overnight trip to a destination outside of Paris such as the Loire Valley, Normandy, or Provence.

Excursions & Activities2018 group

Regardless of which program in Paris you participate in, the excursions and cultural activities are considered an integral part of the Skidmore program that complements students’ coursework. You can look forward to guided tours of museums and historical landmarks such as Notre Dame, Monmartre, and Versailles, as well as excursions to places of interest outside of Paris such as Normandy, Chartres, Fontainebleau, and the Loire Valley. Excursions and cultural activities may include students from both the programs in Paris.

In the past, the program has visited Brittany and Normandy, the Cathedral and the medieval city of Chartres, the Château of Fontainebleau, the South of France, and the Loire Valley Châteaux.