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Skidmore College

Virtual Orientation Information
2021 Winter Transfer Students

Welcome to Skidmore! The Spring 2021 Transfer Student Orientation consists of three modules, which will introduce you to a range of topics related to health and wellness, academics, and joining community.   Many members of the Skidmore community — faculty, staff and students —have come together to give you the best possible introduction to Skidmore College. Please see a special welcome to transfer students from Dean of Students, Cerri Banks on the Joining Community page. We hope that as you review these modules, you will begin to grasp the significance of Skidmore’s commitment to community since this year, more than most, the success of the College will depend on everyone’s embrace of community welfare as a guiding principle


Please note:   Many of these videos were made before the start of the fall 2020 semester, and you may hear them specifically reference the Class of 2024, but the messages and information remain the same for transfer students, regardless of your class year.  We will post additional events and meetings that are occurring as you begin your time on-campus, and please keep checking your email for additional information.