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Skidmore College

Because we create the unexpected

Coming from one of the nation's top liberal arts colleges, it’s no surprise that Skidmore students and graduates stand out from their peers. But well educated and well prepared is expected. Here, we create the unexpected.

The result: socially responsible citizens eager to contribute to the complex world of work in diverse, creative and inspiring ways. What do we mean? Here are five examples. 

1. They think differently.

Students in business class workA liberal arts education is all about connecting different ideas, considering all perspectives and studying all sides. Translate that to the working world and you have talented workers who can pivot, create, adjust and jump into nearly every challenge.
Add a top-notch education in their selected major, or often a dual major, and you’ll see why, time and again, companies return to Skidmore to recruit interns and employees with:

  • above-average spoken and written communication abilities;
  • strong critical-thinking skills;
  • impressive career preparedness;
  • boundless curiosity;
  • comfort working effectively in diverse teams; and
  • the belief that Creative Thought Matters.

Skidmore student interns for women's issues nonprofit2. They build communities and inspire camaraderie.

Skidmore students are involved both in and out of the classroom. They are at their best when they’re helping another person, team or passion project move forward, as demonstrated in their:

Also, the many touchpoints they have with other leaders and top community organizations help them develop the maturity and mindset of those far ahead of them in their careers.

Diverse students graduate from Skidmore3. They take diversity, equity and inclusion seriously.

There may be fewer than 3,000 students at Skidmore, but they come from nearly 70 different countries and speak dozens of different languages. No matter their home, they are all passionate about fostering diverse and inclusive conversations and connections. It’s simply a core part of who they are.
While they’re on campus, students also engage in the multifaceted elements of diversity, equity and inclusion. That includes learning to respect — and advocate for — varying sociocultural characteristics such as:

  • race;
  • ethnicity;
  • gender identity and expression;
  • sexual orientation;
  • national origin;
  • first language;
  • religious and spiritual tradition;
  • age;
  • ability;
  • socioeconomic status; and
  • learning style.

Students pitch business plans4. They're savvy entrepreneurs.

Skidmore has many accolades you might expect, but did you know it's also repeatedly named one of “America’s Most Entrepreneurial Colleges"? We believe creative thinking and the liberal arts foster entrepreneurship, but we also invest in it. Skidmore is dedicated to supporting students as they define and pursue their dreams.
From our annual “Shark Tank”-like business competition that hundreds of students participate in each year, to self-directed research projects that bring them from the Amazon rainforest to the Great Barrier Reef and everywhere in between, our students develop an impressive ability to build their own paths from Point A to Point B.  

Student networks with an employer at a mixer5. They have professional experience.

Forget the old image you might have of a creative liberal arts school. These are serious students taking intense courses with robust professional and social schedules.

Consider this: 84% of students graduate with at least one internship on their resume, and 74% with two or more. But that’s not all. While they’re interning, they’re also publishing professional-level research, completing a full course load, leading at least one club and competing in top academic and athletic arenas.
Our students are fresh, young and eager, but they're also experienced young professionals. In summary — they’re ready.

In their words

“Skidmore teaches you how to mix aesthetic and creative appreciation with business acumen, process and technology. That makes great candidates for us.”

Dana Naberezny '95
Vice President, Jewelry Design and Innovation Workshop at Tiffany & Co.

"As a studio art and math double major and a four-year athlete, I feel that there are very few things in the world you can do with only one skill set or mindset. That's why the open-mindedness I developed in college is so important. At Tiffany & Co., I draw from all the different areas of knowledge I built and refined at Skidmore."

Caite CanfieldCaite Canfield
Studio art and math
Master’s candidate, Georgia Institute of Technology

"Working with the Skidmore Career Development Center has been a true pleasure. Whether it’s a major recruitment event or setting up a specialized virtual interview day, I’ve been able to connect with amazing students at Skidmore.  I look forward to continuing this partnership to enable Skidmore students career opportunities at Weill Cornell!"

Jill Hennessy
Weill Cornell Medicine Human Resources

"My journey to my first job is a map through Skidmore’s career development opportunities. From supporting my pursuits of international internships to introductions that opened doors, the CDC has been a continuous resource in helping me shape, plan and go after my future."

Faisal NamanyaFaisal Namanya
Business and economics
Analyst, MUFG Bank

Success Stats
of students are employed or pursuing further education a year after graduation
of students interact with the Career Development Center by the end of sophomore year
of students complete an internship or professional experience (with 74% completing two or more!)
of graduates say their jobs relate to their career goals. That’s 25% higher than the national average for liberal arts schools.