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Skidmore College
Career Development Center

Job & Internship Recruitment at Skidmore

Recruiting through Skidmore's Career Development Center helps employers introduce themselves to students early in their career and access a talented pool of prospective employees. In addition to the services below, we offer flexible, custom-designed programs to meet your organization's recruiting needs.

Employers seeking to recruit Skidmore students are expected to comply with the principles set forth by the federal government and the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE).

For more information concerning recruitment guidelines, click here.

  • Skidmore alumni and parents continue to play an increasingly important role in students’ careers, from helping students to access internships to getting that first job out of college.
  • Our most popular job and internship opportunities come from the Skidmore network!  Make sure your opportunities on Handshake are identified as "PALS!"  Learn more.
  • Do you have experience and knowledge to share?  Consider joining our Career Advisor Network. It's free, quick, easy, and offers tremendous value to Skidmore community members seeking career connections and advice.  Looking to come back to campus for mentorship opportunities?  Join us at Career Jam.
  • Skidmore Recruitment Day places companies and Skidmore seniors together for job interviews in New York City.  70% of participating employers are Skidmore alumni and/or parent connected.  Contact us for more information.
  • Meet talented job and internship candidates in beautiful Saratoga Springs, NY.  Click here to send a message to Skidmore's employer relations team to discuss the best scheduling option for your recruitment goals.
  • Skidmore students appreciate the opportunity to talk with company representatives about potential career pathways.  Throughout the academic year, the Career Development Center assists employers in arranging informational interview schedules with students.  We also offer industry-specific recruitment initiatives.  Click here to get involved! 
  • Skidmore utilizes Handshake, an online application system to connect employers to students. Within Handshake, employers are able to post and promote internships, fellowships and job opportunities to current undergraduate students.

    If you are new to recruiting with Skidmore College and would like to access Handshake and/or create an account, Click here.
  • Are you a member of the Skidmore network?  Learn more about "PAL" (Parent & Alumni) job and internship postings.
  • Through a FLASH internship, employers are able to have Skidmore students professionally complete short-term projects needed for their businesses without needing to bring on a full-time intern or employee. 
  • Click here to learn more. 
  • Promote a project by completing the FLASH internship submission form
  • The Career Development Center hosts a variety of programs and events where we welcome employers' participation.
  • Meet the Nonprofit, held during the months of October and November is an informational interview series for our neighboring community partners to come to campus and meet with students.
  • Skidmore participates in Career & Internship Connections,  a career fair and interview day in New York City held in January.  This program is hosted by a consortium of top colleges and universities and features 85+ employers offering jobs and internships.
  • Skidmore Recruitment Day is a Skidmore-exclusive interview day for seniors.
  • Offer the convenience of interviewing selected candidates at your office, either in person or via web-based interviewing. The CDC assists with online resume collection and scheduling. 
  • This is a great opportunity to come to campus to assist students in preparing for real-world interviews. Let us know if you'd like to visit!

Prior to posting a position with the Career Development Center, please take a moment to review information on the U.S. Department of Labor's Internship Programs Under the Fair Labor Standards Act.

Please contact Pam Fisher if you have any questions or need assistance.