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Anyeline Mejia '14

Anyeline Mejia, Class of 2014

I studied abroad in Buenos Aires, Argentina during the spring semester of my junior year. I am an International Affairs and Spanish major. I was able to use both majors abroad. My most favorite and challenging classes were economics and a history and literature course. I had the opportunity to take classes with Argentine in two of their most well-known universities.  In the University of Buenos Aires, I was able to interact and build friendships with other students.  Most importantly, my experience abroad helped me become more open mind towards individuals, food and culture. It pushed me outside of my comfort zone into places I have never been. It has taught me to become responsible and discipline with my own actions and behavior.

Anyeline Mejia '14     Anyeline Mejia '14

Anyeline Mejia '14      Anyeline Mejia '14

Anyeline Mejia '14