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Skidmore College
Neuroscience Program

IDC Fund Guidelines


  1. Priority will be given to students presenting data with an NS-affiliated faculty member at Skidmore.
  2. Student is required to apply for Student Opportunity Funds and/or external funds.
  3. Must stay with a roommate in affordable accommodations, when possible.
  4. Food is not covered.
  5. Travel to and from the location of the conference (once per day) is covered, we encourage use of included conference busses when available.
  6. Maximum award is $750/student.


Application materials should be submitted to the Director of Neuroscience:

  1. Abstract
  2. Name and location of conference
  3. Dates of conference
  4. Any receipts collected so far and total proposed cost, in an itemized chart
  5. Evidence of submission of Skidmore opportunity funds and external funds from the conference.



  • No later than 3 weeks before conference. Early submissions are encouraged and will be considered as soon as possible. 


Reimbursement rules:

  1. Itemized receipts are required for all costs.
  2. Contact Carolyn Lundy for reimbursement form
  3. Receipts must be turned in within 2 weeks or returning from conference for reimbursement.


Alumni Dinner:

Students are encouraged organize an alumni dinner at the conference.  Funds for alumni dinner can be obtained from the Development office prior to the conference.