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Skidmore College
Neuroscience Program

Mission Statement

Students will engage in a broadly based study of the nervous system.

This study will be multidisciplinary, integrating the perspectives of biology, psychology, and related sciences. Students will develop a foundation in concepts, issues, discoveries and methodological approaches to the interdisciplinary endeavor of neuroscience. Students will discover how approaches from different neuroscience subdisciplines complement one another and how the findings can be integrated to provide a more global understanding of the functioning of the nervous system. Students will gather, analyze and interpret scientific data and summarize and communicate empirical results; this process will enhance their familiarity and facility with scientific methodology. Students will also develop their verbal, quantitative and writing skills.

Students will focus in a subfield of neuroscience, and may conduct research with faculty members. Students will gain experience in integrating and synthesizing data, develop a broad background in the sciences and humanities, and acquire skills adaptable to a wide variety of areas and interests. The major will prepare students for career paths that include graduate school, the health professions, research and clinical work.