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Why Skidmore? Ask Zoe Pagliaro ’20

September 19, 2019
by Eva Jones ’21

Zoe Pagliaro came to Skidmore wanting to “stay as far away from the sciences as possible” because she didn’t think they were a fit for her.  

But, an environmental studies course piqued her interest. Soon, she was gaining first-hand field experience doing real-world testing of local waterways and farms, all while helping the Skidmore and Saratoga Springs communities. 

Now, Pagliaro says science opportunities and facilities, including the future Center for Integrated Sciences, are among the top reasons to come to Skidmore.

zoe's story ... 

"My name is Zoe and I’m going to be a senior this year. I am an environmental science major with a political science minor.  

Throughout my time at Skidmore I have definitely seen my confidence grow. Because, when I first came in, I really was not confident in the courses I was taking. I wanted to stay as far away from the sciences as possible because I just thought that they were too scary and hard.  

But since then, now I'm in all of these lab courses and I’m doing research over the summer which is something that I would’ve been kind of afraid to do as a first-year student. 

We get to go out into the field. I've been to Loughberry Lake, our drinking water source, and we got to canoe on it and take some samples. I’ve been in the North Woods doing a lot of different projects. This past summer, I got to go into the Adirondacks, including Lake George and Dome Island. 

I feel like we’re not only a part of the Skidmore community but also the Saratoga Springs community.  

The thing that really surprised me most about Skidmore was just how many really amazing things I was able to do here.  

When I came to campus, I just saw this immense passion that everyone had for something on campus, whether it be the sciences, or art, or their club, or music, whatever they were doing. It makes Skidmore the vibrant community that it is. 

One of my favorite facts that I give as a tour guide is that every year there’s more events on campus than we have students. There’s just never a dull moment on campus.  

The help of my professors and the support of my fellow environmental studies and sciences students has really been influential in helping me realize my potential. I can do these really cool things.  

Whatever you’re interested in or if there’s some opportunity, you just have to go for it and be an advocate for yourself, because there’s so many things you can do.” 

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