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Creating Our Future: The Campaign for SKIDMORE

Center for Integrated Sciences

Center for Integrated Sciences

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The single largest academic initiative in the College’s history, the Center for Integrated Sciences will establish a new paradigm for science teaching and research and allow faculty and students to collaborate across disciplines.

The Building

  • 200,000 square feet of new and renovated space, 46 research labs, 16 classrooms and meeting rooms, and 22 teaching labs
  • All 10 science departments and programs and 90+ science faculty under one roof
  • An IdeaLab where students and faculty can explore solutions to today’s key issues

Why Now?

  • In the last decade, the number of science majors has doubled
  • Classrooms are spread across campus, and aging labs can no longer accommodate today's dynamic curriculum or number of students
  • Most of the complex challenges our society faces today involve science. All of them demand that we think beyond traditional boundaries
  • Creative thought needs a home that fosters collaboration and inspires innovative solutions to real-world problems

Campaign Goal

  • Secure $50 million in gifts and pledges

How You Can Help

  • Up to $24,999 supports the construction of the CIS through the General Building Fund
  • $25,000–99,999 names a faculty office or student study cove in the CIS
  • $100,000+ names a teaching or laboratory space, as well as other possibilities

To make a gift, please visit our website or call the Office of Advancement at 518-580-5660.

For more information about the Center for Integrated Sciences, visit our website.