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Skidmore College
Physics Department

Physics Faculty

Chair of the Department of Physics: Javier Perez-Moreno

Professor: Mary Crone Odekon

Associate Professors: Gregory Gerbi, Kendrah Murphy, Javier Perez-Moreno

Visiting Assistant Professor: Jeremy Wachter

Senior Teaching Professor: Evan Halstead

Senior Instructor: Jill A. Linz

Mechanical Engineering Technician: Jeff Britton

Administrative Assistant: Carolyn Lundy

Jeff BrittonJeff Britton

Mechanical Engineering Technician

Office: Dana Science Center 289
Telephone: (518) 580-5134

Gregory Gerbi Gregory Gerbi

Associate Professor, Physics/Geosciences

Office: Dana Science Center 240
Telephone: (518) 580-5127
Personal Web Page: Gregory P. Gerbi

EvanEvan Halstead

Senior Teaching Professor

Office: Dana Science Center 230
Telephone: (518) 580-8128

Jill A. LinzJill Linz

Senior Instructor

Office: Dana Science Center, 238
Telephone: (518) 580-5128

carolyn lundyCarol Lundy

Administrative Assistant

Office: Dana Science Center, 355
Telephone: (518) 580-5304


Kendrah MurphyKendrah Murphy

Associate Professor

Office: Dana Science Center 232
Telephone: (518) 580-8121

Mary Crone OdekonMary Crone Odekon

Professor of Physics and Kenan Chair of Liberal Arts

Office: Harder 120
Telephone: (518) 580-5123

Javier Perez-MorenoJavier Perez-Moreno

Department Chair, Physics and Associate Professor

Office: Dana Science Center 239
Telephone: (518) 580-5122

Jeremy WachterJeremy wachter

Visiting Assistant Professor

Office: Dana Science Center 231
Telephone: (518) 580-8473