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Skidmore College
Physics Department

Student Learning Goals

  • Understand and apply physical models to solve problems
  • Identify the conditions in which particular physical models are applicable
  • Find, create, interpret, and analyze abstract representations of the physical world
  • Troubleshoot a circuit, experimental setup, or computer program
  • Identify information needed to answer a scientific question
  • Develop an experimental procedure that is capable of answering a particular scientific question
  • Recognize legitimate sources of scientific information
  • Access and properly cite sources
  • Gather, analyze, and make appropriate claims based on data
  • Effectively communicate scientific information in oral and written form to a variety of audiences
  • Use appropriate form for scientific papers, presentations, and posters
  • Use software necessary for success in science
  • Demonstrate proficiency in scientific programming
  • Work in groups in a productive and collaborative manner