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Skidmore College
Student Academic Services

English Language Support

  • The Writing Center offers ongoing writing support for English Language Learners. An ELL specialist is available for tutoring sessions and consultations, and peer tutors also have training in assisting ELLs.

  • Student Academic Services (SAS) coordinates and provides a variety of services and programs English language learners:

    • Learning Specialist – English Language Learners (ELL’s) may receive individual academic and writing support from the Learning Specialist in SAS. Such support may include direct and ongoing support or as needed consultation and practice. The Learning Specialist also coordinates peer support.
  • English for Academic Engagement (EAE) - This 2 credit course is offered each fall and centers on building students' vocabulary and teaching language skills necessary for students to integrate with the Skidmore academic community and engage in academic discourse. Students will work directly with faculty and peer tutors to develop skills that include academic oral engagement, public speaking, conversational and interpersonal communication strategies, reading comprehension, and listening. The course is open to all students seeking to further develop their English language skills. For more information please contact Student Academic Services.