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The Italian Minor

18 credits

  1. Minimum of five courses totaling not less than 18 credit hours
  2. Courses must include Italian Conversation and Composition and Il Rinascimento Italiano.
  3. Plus, minimum of 11 credit hours beyond Intermediate Italian in topics related to the Italian language, literature, or civilization; one course may be taught in English with a focus on Italian topics); at least three courses must be taken at Skidmore.

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"If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his own language, that goes to his heart." —Nelson Mandela

About Italian

World Languages and Literatures:

The study of languages has become essential to any global citizen’s education as the world becomes more and more internationally connected, and as individual nations become increasingly diverse. To be able to communicate effectively with people from different parts of the world is not only a lifelong skill that enhances the individual’s ability to think outside the boundaries of his or her native culture, but is also a practical skill that can be applied to any line of work. That being said, global citizenship does not end at language proficiency—our higher-level classes are designed to deepen the student’s familiarity with the culture in which the target language is embedded. By discussing different kinds of texts in the chosen language, students will both enhance their linguistic skills and develop a more refined consciousness of the culture’s traditions and idiosyncrasies. Our goal is to develop in our students a cultural competency that will allow them to enter the world aware of how they relate to and approach other cultures, so that they are prepared to use their knowledge and abilities in whatever field interests them.

The Italian Program

Skidmore College offers students a variety of options to explore the Italian language, literature, and culture. Courses in beginning, intermediate, and advanced Italian are complemented by courses on Italian film, literature, and culture and the study of fascism and the holocaust. A Business Italian class will prepare you to apply for a job in Italian.

Fluency in Italian can enhance your study of art history, studio art, government, international affairs, management and business, philosophy, history, music, or the natural sciences. Solid language and cross-cultural skills provide an important edge in today's global market. If you want to study in Italy, consider the benefit of choosing Italian as a foreign language, minor, major (self-determined), or as part of an Interdepartmental major connecting Italian with art history, business, or government. Skidmore supports exciting and affordable study abroad programs in Florence, Bologna, Siena, Milan, and Rome. These programs allow you to transfer credit easily and enjoy first-hand the history and culture of these great European cities.

The Italian Minor

The minor program consists of a minimum of five courses totaling not less than 18 credit hours, including “Italian Conversation and Composition” and “Il Rinascimento Italiano,” a minimum of 11 more credit hours beyond “Intermediate Italian” in topics related to the Italian language, literature, or civilization (one course may be designated FL, taught in English with a focus on Italian topics). At least three of the courses must be taken at Skidmore.

Interesting Classes I Might Take

  • Intensive Elementary Italian
  • Italian Language and Culture
  • Italian Conversation and Composition
  • Business Italian
  • Studies in Modern Italian Literature
  • Il Rinascimento Italiano
  • Italy and Music

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Beyond the Classroom

Study abroad programs: Popular study abroad programs for Italian minors are Syracuse University in Florence (Italy) and Brown in Bologna (Italy). To see other study abroad opportunities, we encourage you to visit Off-Campus Studies & Exchanges.

Success After Skidmore

Skidmore students who graduate with a major or a minor in foreign languages and literatures are equipped to pursue a wide variety of careers including education, business, government, law, and media-related professions. For more, see the following webpage.


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