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Skidmore College
The Spanish Program

Skidmore College offers a wide array of courses in Spanish language, literature, and culture, including peninsular, Latin American, and Latino focus areas. Students can pursue Spanish as a major, minor, interdepartmental major, or double major. Popular interdepartmental majors include Spanish and Business, Spanish and Political Science, and Spanish and English. In addition to these, students are often creative in crafting their own combinations of majors to further their ambitions and to enhance their future careers, such as a student did recently by majoring in Spanish and Theater.

Increasingly, study-abroad programs are seen as an extraordinary opportunity to polish one’s language skills, experience new cultures, and expand one’s world view. Students at Skidmore College have the opportunity to study in our highly respected programs in Madrid and Alcalá, Spain. Other opportunities are also available to students to study and travel all over the Americas. All foreign study and living experiences bring positive dimensions to students’ lives they had never before dreamed of.

So what are you waiting for? The Spanish-speaking world is waiting for you! Expand your horizons and enhance your future by adding this new cultural dimension to your life!