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Skidmore College
American Studies Department


Spring 2008

AM 102: Introduction to American Culture: Post-Civil War (4cr)
MWF, 9:05-10 and either F, 10:10-11:05 or F, 1:50-2:45, TLC 304, Gregory M. Pfitzer

AM 221: American Studies: Methods and Approaches (4cr)
TuTh, 11:10-12:30; TLC 301; Daniel A. Nathan and Andre Carrington

AM 236: Jazz: A Multicultural Expression
WF, 12:20-1:40; FI 207; Lewis Rosengarten

AM 250D: Regional Culture: New England (3cr)
WF, 10:10-11:30; TLC 307, Mary C. Lynn

AM 260-001: Hip Hop Culture (4cr)
TuTh, 12:40-2; TLC 303; Joshua Woodfork and Lei Bryant

AM 260C: African American Experience (3cr)
TuTh, 3:40-5; TLC 303; Joshua Woodfork

AM 260I: Popular Culture (4cr)
WF, 12:20-1:40; TLC 303; andre carrington

AM 331: Critical Whiteness in the U.S. (4cr)
W, 6:30-9:30; TLC 305; Joshua C. Woodfork

AM 342: Black Feminist Thoughts (3cr)
TuTh, 9:40-11; TLC 308; Winston Grady-Willis

AM 360A: American Cultural Periods: 1920s (3cr)
TuTh, 2:10-3:30; TLC 308; Mary C. Lynn

AM 360C: American Cultural Periods: The 1960s (3cr)
MW, 4-5:20; TLC 307; Gregory M. Pfitzer

AM 375: Senior Honor Thesis (Senior Majors Only) (4cr)

AM 376: Historical Imaginings: The American Past in Fiction and Film (3cr)
MW, 2:30-3:50, TLC 307, Daniel A. Nathan

Internships: AM 299A, AM 399A, AM 399B

Independent Studies: AM 371