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Skidmore College
Celebration Weekend

Starting October 16, 2020
Schedule of Events

Welcome to virtual Celebration Weekend!

Current as of: 10/16/2020


Friday  |  Saturday | Anytime


Friday, October 16

Career Jam 
*Presented Monday, October 12-Friday, October 16
The Career Development Center is working on bringing this annual networking event to students virtually. For more information please visit the Career Jam Website. Co-sponsored by the Parents Council, Alumni Association, and the Career Development Center. To learn more about the week-long schedule and how parents can serve as a career mentor for this program, please email Lauren Sisson. Students should connect directly with the Career Development Center to learn how they can participate.

12 - 1 p.m. MiniCollege Session I: Human Dilemmas - Moving Toward an Understanding of What it Means to be Human (in our Contemporary World)
As our students begin their college experiences, they are confronting the recurring dilemmas that define and shape all of our lives: Who am I? What makes me who I am? What is my relationship to others and the natural world? What is my responsibility to others and the natural world? As biologist E. O. Wilson contends in his 2003 book The Future of Life, life is "an insoluble problem, a dynamic process in search of an indefinable goal. [It is] neither a celebration nor a spectacle but rather, as a later philosopher put it, a predicament" (xxii). Human Dilemmas may challenge your conventional assumptions surrounding these predicaments as we focus our attention on interdisciplinary readings, critical thinking, and academic inquiry. Join Mark Youndt, Management & Business, for a journey through the quintessential FYE Scribner Seminar course Human Dilemmas, including anecdotes from the classroom. Register here.

Presented by Mark Youndt, Professor, Management & Business

12 p.m. Artist Talk with Never Done exhibiting artist Sonya Clark
Clark is a textile and social practice artist who is known for using hair, combs, beads, and other everyday materials to explore history, race, culture, and class. She was born in Washington DC, and lives and works in Amherst, Massachusetts, where she is Professor of Art at Amherst College. In conversation with Rachel Seligman and Minita Sanghvi, exhibition co-curators. A Zoom link will be provided closer to the event date. Learn more on the Tang website and register here.

5 - 6 p.m. President's Hour
Parents Council Chairs, Bob and Alicia Wyckoff, parents of Harry '22, invite you to join President Marc C. Conner for an update on College news. A Q&A will be included in this virtual presentation and registration will be required to to receive the participation information. Register here.

7 - 8 p.m. MiniCollege Session II: Vulnerabilities, Risks, and Mitigations - How Are Websites Hacked?
Another day, another headline describing stolen data or ransomware payments. Thirty years into the World Wide Web, we do not seem to have figured out how to use it without putting personal data and assets at risk. This lecture will review how a web application works and where we find inherent security weaknesses. Using that background, we will take on the hacker’s mindset and attack several web applications. Our attacks will steal data and mislead users to take unintended actions. We will wrap up by considering a few basic concepts that web programmers should apply to mitigate the vulnerabilities we have seen. Register here.

Presented by David Read, Visiting Assistant Professor, Computer Science


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10 a.m. MiniCollege Session III: Can Art Save the Environment?
Join us to explore how a Theater professor and an English professor approach environmental issues, from their respective disciplines, in their FYE Scribner Seminar courses. Can literature save the environment? In what ways can theater represent, illuminate, and intervene in processes of climate change? Dr. Jackson-Schebetta will share hands-on activities through which students are connecting science, activism, and art in and beyond the classroom. Dr. Marx will share examples of writings from John Muir, Rachel Carson, Edward Abbey, and Dr. Seuss. Register here.

Presented by Lisa Jackson-Schebetta, Associate Professor and Chair, Theater and Michael Marx, Associate Professor and Associate Chair, English

12 p.m. MiniCollege Session IV: MICRO laboratory experiments - How Skidmore students addressed the needs of thousands of undergraduates across the country
When the pandemic shut down colleges, many students (future doctors and other future health care workers included) could not continue their laboratory-based studies or were relegated to watching videos of procedures done by others.  Using research technology, a national team of scientists, led by Skidmore College, worked diligently to develop chemistry labs that could be conducted safely and interactively by students at home or in their dorm rooms.  This presentation, by the team of undergraduates involved in this project, will talk about their work using our microfluidic lab technology during the summer of 2020 to develop lab experiments that are being used by nearly 1000 students this semester including 100 Skidmore students enrolled in Principles of Chemistry (CH 125). Register here.

Presented by Kim Frederick, Professor, Chemistry with Destiny Donelson '21, Katie Rinaolo '21, Sarah Finnegan '22, and Jessica Gaetgens '22

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Dining At Home
Your Kitchen
Skidmore's award-winning Dining Services team will be sharing some of their favorite recipes with you so that you can have a taste of Skidmore from your kitchen. Executive Chef Jim Rose and his culinary team have selected a variety of recipes from their recipe box for you to try your hand at. Time to head to the market!

The Skidmore Shop is Open!
Browse the Skidmore Shop for Skidmore gear! The Shop is offering 15% off all branded items from October 16-18, 2020, and all families who pre-register for the weekend will enjoy free shipping too!

Exhibitions at the Tang
For more information about the exhibitions visit: To view the Tang At Home programming please visit

Zankel Concert Performance
We invite you to enjoy a recording of Beatlemore Skidmania 2019, recorded on November 23, 2019 in the Zankel Music Center. Grab some popcorn and view performances by students and faculty from last year's musical event. To learn more about the Beatlemore Skidmania tradition, click here.

Family Trivia
It’s time for some friendly competition with your Skidmore student and other Skidmore families! Compete individually – and for your (student’s) class year team – to find out who will reign supreme in Skidmore’s Celebration Weekend Trivia. Play on your mobile device and/or desktop from the comfort of wherever you are. For a more social experience, we encourage you to video chat while playing to answer questions together or compete live for family bragging rights. Three rounds of trivia (with 3-minute intermissions) will offer a variety of general knowledge and Skidmore specific multiple-choice questions. The quicker you answer correctly, the more points you earn. Good luck! 

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