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Skidmore career development course hits national airwaves

July 26, 2018

Elissa Nadworny, a 2010 graduate of Skidmore, is now a producer and reporter at National Public Radio (NPR). She recently returned to Skidmore's campus to highlight a course she remembers fondly, Presenting the Brand Called Me, and the person behind it, Dean Paul Calhoun.  

Interviewing Calhoun as well as several Skidmore students, Nadworny highlighted how Skidmore has been ahead of the curve in offering courses on getting a job and navigating the workplace once you’re hired. 

“I took this course my senior year at Skidmore and it definitely landed me my first job. And it's working for these students, too,” said Nadworny in the June 23 NPR story titled, “Trying to Get Your First Job? There's a Class for That.” The story ran on hundreds of NPR affiliate stations across the country.

Presenting the Brand Called Me is a semester-long opportunity for students to receive training for a variety of situations related to career development.

Students learn stage presence through improv and dance lessons, as well as the nuts and bolts of applying for a job – from navigating networking to resumés and interviews. They also benefit from the sage advice of weekly mentors, who are currently working in various industries.  

Ultimately, each student ends the semester with their own elevator pitch, a short story about themselves guaranteed to make a lasting impression in any professional scenario. 

Read a transcript of Nadworny’s NPR story here or listen below.  


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