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Skidmore College

Introducing the Annex

August 25, 2020
by Sara Miga

Skidmore’s new building, the Annex, is now open. Located on Perimeter Road across from North Hall, the Annex is home to new classroom spaces as well as the Physics, Geosciences, and Environmental Sciences and Studies departments.

We spoke with Pat Fehling, associate dean of the faculty for infrastructure and faculty affairs, about the Annex and why it is a welcome addition to campus.

Q: What is the Annex and why was it built?

The Center for Integrated Sciences (CIS) project is a combination of creating new space and renovating existing space. In order to keep labs and classrooms up and running for the spaces that need renovation (New Dana and Old Dana), we needed to move departments to fully functional science spaces. To meet temporary relocation needs, Skidmore constructed the Annex, a two-story, 32,000-square-foot, semipermanent building that provides classrooms, offices and laboratories.

Campus Map with the new Annex building

See the full campus map

With the need for appropriate social distancing, we've been able to leverage a few conference rooms in the space as new teaching spaces, which have been helpful in allowing us to provide all faculty with appropriate, safe teaching spaces during the fall semester.

Q: Which classes will be held in the Annex?

We have 76 classes scheduled throughout the week, many of which are in physics, geosciences, environmental sciences and studies, economics and math. In addition, the largest computer classrooms are now located in the Annex.

Q: Was the Annex constructed with sustainability in mind?

Yes! The Annex will include several of Skidmore’s common sustainable building practices: low-flow water fixtures, water bottle refill stations, only native and noninvasive plant species in landscaping design, low volatile organic compounds (VOC) paints and LED lighting.

Q: Why was this location chosen for the Annex?

The Annex is located in an area designated in the 2007 Campus Master Plan for future campus development. The location is a five-minute walk from the center of campus, which makes it convenient for faculty and students who would be using offices and classrooms in the building.

Q: What will the Annex be used for once CIS is completed?

Once CIS is completed, the additional space the Annex provides will be available for other uses by the campus community for years to come.

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